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Magniwork puts for a set of plans for a free energy device they claim could be scaled Most of the 50+ page manual contains energy conservation tips that are . Magniwork – Real Generator To Produce Free Electric Energy? According to the manual, you could even cancel your contract with your energy company and . Simply speaking, the Magniwork generator uses magnetic power to generate the help of the Magniwork manual and it performs in each and every condition.

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MagniWork – Free Electricity|Portable Diesel …

You can use copper, zinc, tin, or lead, we recommend using copper. This is geared towards “suspension of disbelief”.

Magniwork is no longer sold through Clickbank and I’ve not seen a Magniwork ad show up in Google AdSense for a very long time. Apparently Magniworks is even making up the testimonials. It does make sense that difference mwnual parts could offer some obstacle and for those of us that have never attempted to build something like this from scratch.

How to save electricity. You will get easy to follow step by step instructions on how to build and assemble your very own generator. The whole construction work can be done in as little as 2 hours or so.

If you agree that Magniwork is a scam and should not be advertising via Clickbank and Google, there is something you can do. It’s obvious that this is to get many hits. Be carefull of the things you put on the internet, as they can have an extreme mzgniwork compensation plan that could affect your bank account in the extreme.


The image above is from the Magniwork manual. Thousands of individuals and families are now mankal this system to jagniwork their homes and offices. I am not worried about litigation — the power company that retains me to assist them in this grand conspiracy has retained legal council for me. The work they plagiarize claims the device to be capable of producing 24 Watts — hardly enough to power a house.

Take our new poll posted Aug. That defies all known laws of physics and motion.

MAGNIWORK Review By Eliya Liya 1

Vacuum There was an error working with the wiki: The powers that be kept this information from the public for a lot of years as it could affect their profits. By using this machine you can reduce your bill drastically and it is all legal.

The material needed to build the magniwork generator is cheap and easily accessible anywhere in the world. It doesn’t produce any harmful byproducts or gases, and there isn’t any hazard concerning the generator itself. For the field, “what type of feedback do you magniwor, select “I don’t trust the advertise to deliver on their claims”. As you learned in class — and maybe even conducted experiments on — attempting to put the like ends of two magnets together will cause them to push each other away.


If it is such a simple process, why sell it in an e-book? Go ahead and grab one for yourself. I’ve reported this to Google and they are investigating as of Aug.

Magniwork is a scam

Here is the same image again from another site. So you do not have to rely upon the sun to make it mzgniwork for you. The alternatives that have been discovered and are being innovated today are deficient in so many ways including:. How far can that be true? Maagniwork you build your generator, you will begin to see the savings in the first month on your electric bill. What does this say about this product according to the principle of “by their fruits shall ye know them’?

It is not that only skilled people can build the generator. How to Nagniwork on Electric Bills. According to the manual, you could even cancel your contract with your energy company and run your household entirely from this renewable source of energy.