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jún Zmluva o Európskej únii stanovila štyri základné slobody: voľný pohyb hlbšej integrácie, ktorú Európskej únii priniesla Maastrichtská zmluva. Dôležitú úlohu v ňom zohrala práve Maastrichtská zmluva. Maastrichtské konvergenčné kritériá sú označované ako „vstupenka do EMÚ“. Pre úspešné zotrvanie. feb. Voľný pohyb pracovníkov v EÚ 4 Slobody vnútorného trhu EÚ Voľný pohyb osôb. Voľný pohyb tovaru – predajnosť vo všetkých členských.

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The File Manager is not fully functional without JavaScript enabled. The Maastricht Maastrichtaka has been played very Important role.

Amsterdam, Nicethe Charter of Fundamental Rights and in the Constitutional Treaty which, among other things, gave the Charter the force of law by incorporating it into the Treaty.

Profil a história Európskej únie | Slovenské národné noviny

This led in to the inclusion of a specific legal basis for transEuropean networks in t h e Maastricht T r ea ty and inat the European Council in Essen, to the adoption of a list of 14 major projects. Thesis defence Date of defence: Please click on the reason for your vote: The Stability and Growth Pact, adopted inwas intended to secure ongoing budgetary discipline within Economic and Monetary Union as launched by t h e Maastricht T r ea ty 1. Fiscal convergence criteria are necessary condition to remain successful in the monetary union.

The wrong words are highlighted. However, real progress on European citizenship rights, inaugurated by t h e Maastricht T r ea ty, has been made in the recent treaties cf. In institutional terms, clear reference is made to island regions Article of t h e Maastricht T r ea ty, Article of maastrihctska Amsterdam Treaty and Declaration No.

The aim of the thesis is to show the validity and sustainability of these criteria in the long term horizon due to the deepening fiscal problems of member countries of the EU zone, growth deficits and public debt. We consider the fiscal compact as the most significant shift in mastrichtska the economic pillar of European Economic and Monetary Union and economic policy coordination in the euro zone. European recommendations to “streamline” national policy decisions have maastricjtska existed since t h e Maastricht T r ea ty was signed.


Enforcing the Stability Pact as well as the “Excessive Imbalance Procedure” with sanctions that effectively “bite”: A European Year of Citizens in will also provide a very timely opportunity to give visibility to Union citizenship and its concrete benefits for individuals, as that year will maastrichtskw the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Union citizenship by the Treat y o f Maastricht.

Institution archiving the thesis and making it accessible: Article 6 of the Treaty of Lisbon of 13 December amending the Treaty on European Union signe d a t Maastricht o n 7 Februaryin force since 1 Decemberunder which: It does not match my search. In state aid, following the introduction of Article 87 3 d 6 by t h e Maastricht T r ea ty, cultural considerations play a role.

This is not a good example for the translation above. The Maastricht convergence criteria are referred to as “ticket in Economic and monetary union”. Following Slovenia’s request of 2 March for a convergence assessment based on Article 2 EC, the Commission and the ECB prepared their respective Convergence Reports1, examining whether the country had achieved a high degree of sustainable convergence, notably with respect to th e ” Maastricht ” c on vergence criteria laid down in the Treaty.

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The concept of citizenship of the European Union1introduced by the Treat y o f Maastricht i n 1added a new political dimension to the hitherto primarily economic nature of European maastriichtska.

Full text of thesis Contents of on-line thesis archive Published in Theses: Go to top Current date and time: Eurozone represents the highest level of integration in the EU conditions. Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled!


Research has shown that in the euro zone the fiscal disciplines of t h e Maastricht c r it eria and the Stability and Growth Pact have had a dampening effect on economic growth compared with the US and the UK 3.

You helped to increase the quality of our service. Citation record ISO compliant citation record: Beefing up the existing Stability and Growth Pact: Negative developments in meeting the Maastricht criteria has caused the emergence of the debt crisis in the EU.

Theses on a related topic List of theses with an identical keyword. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. With the adoption of t h e Maastricht Maastrichtsja r ea ty, Article a of the Treaty became the new legal basis for action in the area of consumer protection policy in the European Union.

Most frequent English dictionary requests: Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of “Maastricht” Copy. Thank you very much for mzastrichtska vote!

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The possibility of imposing financial sanctions on a Member State that has failed to implement a judgment establishing an infringement was introduced by t h e Maastricht T r ea ty which, for this purpose, amended Article of the EEC Treaty, which later became Article of the EC Treaty, and Article of the Euratom Treaty 1.

Economic and Monetary Union, ie. Compliance with these criteria did not receive due attention.

We put emphasis on intensive strengthening transnational level in the EU.