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This week, we have been reading, analyzing, and discussing the script and movie Looper, written and directed by Rian Johnson. IMDb plot. This week: Looper. You may download the script — free and legal — here. Written and directed by Rian Johnson. IMDb plot summary: In Looper has certainly been a hot topic of conversation here at NFS, whether it’s writer/director Rian Johnson discussing how budget doesn’t.

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Looper () | Script Slug

Kid Blue sits on the curb, smoking a cigarette. Time travel has not yet been invented.

He limps up to a razor-wire fence bordering the train yard. Abe pulls the gun away, across the table.

Barely avoiding the light. Dale makes a quarter float above his palm. I must have wife eyes or something. But twenty five years from now it will be. Joe in his floor safe, setting johnspn gold bars. The loopers watch him in awe. The last thing she does is handcuff his wrist to the cot and take his gun.


The Final Draft Killer. An older Asian man’s face, frozen in terror.

Looper Script at IMSDb.

We’re done we’re gonna walk outside now. The Gat Man’s face explodes. And it won’t get you overseas. Because my memories aren’t really memories, they’re one possible eventuality now, and they grow clearer or cloudier as they become more or less likely.

ABE It’s the little ones that get you. Think of it as a library you can access any time you need to reference a particular screenplay.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

JOE We’ll stick backstage, just meeting up. DALE He closed his loop.

Can someone explain why they have to send people back in time johnsln kill then? Time travel fucks everything, my brain and body try to catch up. The loopers collectively flip him off. Not only that, there’s no pictures of him. One holds a gun in the owner’s face. Old Joe in bed, in his late 50s.


Go Into The Story Script Reading & Analysis: Looper

Joe feels around the door jam, retrieves a key, and enters the apartment. I remember, there’s a new holy terror boss-man in the future, and he’s closing all the loops.

If the child was there, he’s gone now. He pulls off the sack. Kid Blue lies in the rain, hyperventilating. The dark hulking figure of a man pursues her slowly but steadily. Joe in the corn field, in his stance, ready to draw.

He pulls back his sleeve, revealing his clean bare forearm. Old Joe drags him to the window. The Rainmaker, they call him. Does not slow her pace until she is ten yards from the corn fields, where she plants herself and shouts: