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PLMC: LO They are available via SAPNet to Country-Specific Units None Course Instructor Profile Experienced instructor or consultant who is. Curriculum Vitae Agata Majzel SAP R/3 and Oracle Agile PLM Solution Designer BC BC BC LO LO LO LO LO LO LO Training Development and Delivery Consultant (SAP Trainer, Coach, Business Analysis, . Senior SAP PM Trainer – LO Plant Maintenance course. SAP.

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szp Perform a counter replacement. If you do not assign a status number to a user status, you are always able to set this user status.

Further education specifics, courses

Which numbers are assigned for the measurement reading entry list? Centrifugal pumps C Damage 2 Tasks Which piece of equipment involved the greatest overall costs?

Oo100 starting to map technical objects you need to decide which objects are relevant to Plant Maintenance – in other words, which objects require maintenance measures and for which objects evaluation spa required. If the location used as a template is classified, you can also copy its classification into the new functional location. An availability check can be called up when components are assigned in the order. Mobile solutions can be implemented for measurement recording, for example, for inspections and for processing technical objects.

To do so, click the relevant transaction and choose Add. Functional Locations 1 General Questions The structure indicator is unique across all clients, not across all systems.


Please help us to share our service with your friends. You have mapped an apartment building in the SAP System by means of a ko100 location hierarchy.

You must then process this folder using transaction SM35 to transfer the data.

External Assignment as Individual Purchase Order After the round has been ended, you transfer the data from the technician’s barcode l1o00 to the docking station using infrared signals. For more information, see the SAP Note mentioned above. Call up the accounting data for material master T-FP1 for plant and determine the following data.

Different equipment categories should be introduced for machines, pumps, vehicles and so on, to ensure optimal setting of parameters. This is desirable, if, for example, an object that was previously only managed as a piece of equipment is to be dismantled and transferred to the warehouse. You cannot use this function to access the database. Note, however, that lp100 indicator Assembly available is also set if no BOM relevant for maintenance is available for the material component.

LO100 – Plant Maintenance-4.6C

Any Manufacturer serial no. This transfer can be controlled centrally from the uppermost functional location for all fields in the master record. In this way, a verification document concerning the value of the change to the material can be maintained for refurbishment. These warranties cover certain services in a warranty period.

If you use a template, the following rules sp for each category: The purchase requisition contains the service specifications for the operation.

sap lo pdf – P(1) –

You can define the permissible media for the object links. You need a fuel counter that measures the consumed fuel or also sqp streetcars, locomotives, electric cars the energy consumed.


It displays phases, during which the xap was installed at a functional location, assigned directly to a usage site for example, a cost centeror stored in a warehouse.

You can define partner determination procedures and configure each one with any number of partner functions. The system therefore allows you to reverse completion confirmations if required.

What is the easiest way of doing this? Items that are not relevant for costing are not included in this bill of material. You can switch from one Workspace View to another without affecting the applications that you are running. The warranty categories are strictly defined within the system and cannot be modified.

The material master record includes descriptive data for example, measurements and weight and control data for example, material category and industry.

Further education specifics, courses

Take note of the address http: By calling up this message, the addressee can branch directly to the object display. Overview of Follow-Up Courses This maintenance plan corresponds to a strategy-based maintenance plan with exactly one time-based or counter-based package. External Services as Service Items