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La Ley para la Gestión Integral de Residuos () advierte en el . y otra en Business Intelligence del Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. La ley penal costarricense se aplicará a quien cometa un hecho punible 2) Hayan sido cometidos por personas al servicio de Costa Rica y no hubieren Gestión Integral de Residuos, N° del 24 de junio de ). at WI. Sitio oficial de la Ley para la Gestión Integral de Residuos. Registrar: NIC Costa Rica. IPs: DNS.

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General Profile | FAOLEX Database | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Despite national-level efforts to make Costa Rica a greener country, it seems the general population still fails to see the value in personally maintaining the environment from the harms of littering.

All throughout San Jose, despite otherwise successful efforts to create natural space within the urban center, street cleaners work hard xosta collecting key, cleaning off graffiti and just generally keeping the place in order. Even so, remnants of carelessness still pile-up in corners. In the homes, the story is only coxta different. Little is being done to reduce waste, let alone recycle it.

In its own words:. Special emphasis was made on citizen participation, not only in the construction of different instruments that the law creates but also in the search for solutions to the problems facing the country….


Ley suggests the following four-sort system:. It has been said that recycling one ton of paper tica 20, liters of water and 4, kWh.

Expertos extranjeros comparten experiencia del programa mundial “Basura Cero”

Still, recycling in Costa Rica has its benefits for the individual too. La Calma Recyclingfor example, will collect from their customers anywhere in the country and will pay you for it. Ley provides an entire list of other recycling collectors on their website, but a translated and updated version of the document can be found here. Recycling in Cotsa Rica is possible, despite its non-existent popularity. With so many positives to recycling, it seems odd that a country so dedicated to being green in every other context would fall short.

Law Report: Costa Rica

With unemployment at about 9. Chances are if you cost seen individuals climbing the small mountains of trash on the edges of town, they were not so much looking for scraps of food or clothing but rather tins and plastic to be turned into a local collection center for money. In leu, there is an entire system of people who do such work: The question thus remains: For greenies or those used to a more developed trash management system, being told not to recycle may sound like nails on a chalkboard.

Nevertheless, the unique situation in Costa Rica begs us to look deeper into the issue. On the one hand, it seems clear that blatant littering is helping no one.

Costa Rica has a Dirty Little Secret | The Costa Rica News

It pollutes the rich ecosystem, promotes disease for both humans and other animals, and it makes cities less appealing for tourism and business. On the other hand, many people place their trash in the correct locations for proper collection. It is these households that must ask themselves the ethical question of whether they are going to make the effort to collect, separate and bring their recyclable waste to the appropriate centers.


That is a question that must be answered individually. Some reason that the value of maintaining a clean environment surpasses all others. Others see it as their social responsibility to help out the less fortunate by at least presorting the materials before sending them to the landfills. Whatever the case, in the controversial words of one woman living in Costa Rica, it seems there is a ric theme: Log into your account.

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