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Leonardo Zeevaert is the author of Foundation Engineering for Difficult Subsoil Conditions ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ). Dr. Leonardo Zeevaert × ; 35 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. country of citizenship · Mexico. 0 references. Leonardo Zeevaert Biography – – Leonardo Zeevaert Biography and List of Leonardo Zeevaert Is the author of books such as Foundation Engineering For.

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San Diego, California de junio de La Sociedad, con el Dr. De Beer, Jules Duculot, pp. Since he has devoted ldonardo to study the problems of earthquakes and their interaction with the foundation and for this purpose he designed two decades leonqrdo the “free vibrating torsion pendulum” with which it is possible to determine the dynamical properties of the soil and to forecast the behavior of the subsoil and of the structures and vibrating equipment.

Zeevaert fue comisionar al M. Volume 4, Issue 1 pp.

One of his most important projects is the Latinoamericana Tower, stories high with two basement levels, steel structure and a television antenna m high on top of it. He was invited in to supply information on the advances of Civil Engineering which was buried in the Time Capsule during the Leoardo Fair of New York. Subsequently he was engaged as consulting engineer and inspector for the construction of the foundation leomardo of the steel structure.

One of the most important facets in the work of Dr.

In this particular building he performed Soil Mechanics studies intended for the design of the foundation and he also investigated the source of the regional subsidence occurring in Mexico City. El sentimiento que esto le produjo en principio, fue de rechazo a la tarea asignada, al sentirse humillado; sin embargo, grande fue su sorpresa cuando el propio Prof.

He has also developed special procedures for deep excavations to be used in conjunction with floating foundations.

Leonardo Zeevaert – Wikidata

Leonardo Zeevaert Wiechers — Dr. He has acted as consulting engineer for several private companies, the Mexican Government and abroad.


Ha sido consultor de empresas privadas tanto nacionales como extranjeras; asimismo, ha desarrollado importantes funciones como asesor de instituciones del gobierno. Ferviente admirador de la inteligencia y la originalidad, las dos personalidades que le han dejado una huella profunda son el Dr.

At present he is a member of the following societies: Mexicano oriundo del estado de Veracruz, el Dr. He has been professor of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering at the School of Engineering of the National University of Mexico sinceas well as lecturer on the same subject and on Structural, Architectural and Earthquake Engineering.

Zeevaert has also performed studies for the expansion and construction of factories and heavy industries, silos, steel mills and paper mills, as well as subsoil studies for urban developments and studies on earthquake engineering in Central America, Southamerica and West Indies. Es importante resaltar que el Dr. He developed a method to find out the resonance periods of the subsoil to be introduced in the design of tall buildings subjected to seismic forces.

Leonardo Zeevaert in recognition of his life and work, and achievements in his professional practice, as professor and consulting engineer and for the developments in the field of soil mechanics and foundation engineering. Among these, the most important correspond to the analysis and design of a high tonnage harbor for Acapulco at the Tres Palos Lagoon, where interesting studies were made on littoral drift currents and ware action for the design of the inlet channel and the interior harbor.

Grande fue su sorpresa cuando al revisarlas el Prof. In this building he applied a method he introduced to find out the resonance periods of the soil, which was also applied in the headquarters building for Aseguradora Anahuac in Mexico City Zeevaert during more than 50 years as a consulting engineer, have enabled him to achieve important contributions.

Leonardo Zeevaert, given his name to the future International Cycle of conferences. Como ciudadano ha sido ejemplar tanto en el cumplimiento con la sociedad como en su orgullo de ser mexicano.


Hoy nuestra Sociedad cuenta con cerca de socios y es una Sociedad fuerte e independiente, con un merecidamente ganado alto prestigio internacional. Other Leading Universities — Cambridge University: He has performed leojardo analysis and design of foundations for turbogerators at several industrial plants and has provided advice for the foundation design of an atomic energy plant in San Jose, California, U.

Leonard Zeevaert passed away in Mexico City on February 16th, zeevert Zeevaert in establishing the “Leonardo Zeevaert Conference”, tha will take place every two years during. A cargo del Dr.

He has taken part in the design of ports and marinas at the tidal inlet of Punta Banda, B. Leonardo Zeevaert Wiechers Posted in: He developed and designed the foundation leonarrdo the building mentioned above, and acted as consulting engineer in the design of the steel structure where the concept of controlled flexibility was applied for the first time, studding aeevaert behavior from a dinamics point of view Al entonces ingeniero Zeevaert le entusiasmaba la forma en la que el Prof.

The experience gained by Dr.

Leonardo Zeevaert

Octubre 25 de In he was invited by Dr. Me refiero al Prof. La personalidad del Dr. Karl Terzaghi to work with him in soil mechanics assignments at the University of Illinois where he held the post of Visiting Research Fellow in structural engineering and where leeonardo received the degree of Doctor in Philosophy Ph.

Volumen I y II. Terzaghi, a quien el Dr. He was born in the city port of Veracruz, Mexico on November 27,he completed his undergraduate studies in zeevvaert, having received the degree of Civil Engineer from the National University of Mexico in He designed harbors and marinas for small boats for various sites in the Mexican Republic.