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(1A) Pihak Berkuasa Negeri boleh menentukan bahawa laporan cadangan pemajuan yang dikemukakan di bawah subseksyen (1) berkenaan dengan kategori. Course: Latihan Penyediaan Laporan Cadangan Pemajuan (LCP) Date: 28 February (Wed) Time: 10am – pm Venue: Level 3, MIP National. Pindaan Akta Perancangan Bandar dan Desa dan Laporan Cadangan Pemajuan [Revision to the town and country planning act and development proposal.

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Laporan Cadangan Pemajuan Projek Documents. Every stage has required information as reference in managing the development. Especially for the area that have potential.

Development Objectives Physical Conserve the critical habitat and the environmental sensitive area and also improve the quality of environment surroundingThis make the development in the area must be conserve the nature and do not make any destruction on that area.

Even though the development was encouraged but the preservation of sensitive area still be preserve. During site selection process, give preference to sites that have low ecological value or are not environmentally sensitive.

Reduce or eliminate water pollution by reducing impervious cover, increasing onsite infiltration, eliminating sources of contaminants, and removing pollutants from storm water runoff. A higher density development or redevelopment will help minimize opening up new greenfield sites, to preserve existing habitat and natural resources, and minimize the use of private mode of transportation. From the perspective of legislation especially on National Land Code, NLCcurrently the preparation of LCP for land development still not comprehensive due to other land development application not been taken into account as part of LCP submission for planning permission, not standardize, and not compliance to One Stop Centre OSC submission requirement resulting confusing among consultant in preparing LCP for land development.

Published on Feb View Download Laporan Cadangan Pemajuan Tatatur. Site selectionMinimize ecological damage to existing natural features, water bodies, flora and fauna. Another is to restore the site area with native or adaptive vegetation; or by increasing the total area for planting by introducing planting on the roof.

Development density and community connectivityThis is the level of density in any new development should be plan so that the problem of overcrowded and traffic problem can be avoided. Perancangan Bandar dan Desa This is also to reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use. To document Green building design features and strategies for user information and guide to sustain performance during occupation.


laporan cadangan pemajuan

It is a good potential that could provide relief to customers or visitors. The condition of the site is there is existing development that cadangxn been provided by the owner.

The place is located near to the Hutan Lipur Bentong which the whole of area is a forest area. Format Laporan Cadangan Pemajuan Documents. The main access to the site is from the highway at the kilometer of Beside that there are famous ecotourism destination like Chamang Waterfall, Hutan Lipur Lintang, Hot Spring and other that will be maintained and preserve for future generation.

Other than that, the topography of the site is hilly and surrounded by the forest trees. During site selection process, give preference to sites that are located within 1km radius of existing public transportation system.

Development Objectives Social Provide balance social facilities based on the population distributionThe area also can provide the social facilities for the people at the surrounding area and this help them to be more effective and be socialize. Besides, pemajjuan site selection can help us conserves the natural balance such as environmental, social and economic based on the development proposal.

Other than that, there are advantages in the study area selected is that it is a hilly area and can give an attractive vista or view while at the top. Provides a sound basis for planning to enable the Bentong District Council in making proper consideration and evaluation of applications for planning permission based on the information presented in pemqjuan report.

The environmental benefits of traveling by public transport include the reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases by private cars, thereby reducing urban pollution and traffic congestion. Parking capacity This is to encourage the use of public transport and carpools and reduce single occupancy private vehicle use. The development that will be develop must ensure the safety about pemajuam area. Proposed Development Report was prepared following purposes: Zamri Penggunaan manual laporan pemajjuan pemajuan: The attention to this district is economic and infrastructure development.

lcp – Laporan Cadangan Pemajuan in Undefined by

So from that, we must take the responsible to conserves the environment area and sustain the well-being of local people. Workers site amenities It is to reduce pollution from construction activities by controlling pollution from waste and rubbish from workers. Construction management Earthwork, construction activity pollution control. However, the question of whether existing LCP Manual that been used as a reference by LPA and Consultants currently are really comprehensive in technical and planning legislation need to be analyze thoroughly in this study.


All areas of permanent forest reserve and forest In this area, there are river and hot spring in the opposite of the area. If unavoidable, locate the building in a suitable location and with a minimal footprint so as to minimize disruption of environmentally sensitive areas. Environment managementEncourage protection or restoration of the habitat and maximize the ecological diversity by introducing native or adaptive vegetation.

Analisis serta kajian termasuk lawatan tapak yang dijalankan ke atas tapak cadangan dan The environmental sensitive areas KSAS should be integrate in planning and management of land use also the resources for 1. As we know the site selection is a forest area.

In addition, in line with the requirements of Section 21A 1the Local Authority to require additional documents to be served under Section 21 1 for planning permission. One useful strategy is to carefully place building to ensure minimum disruption to the existing ecosystems by minimizing the building footprint. There are several policies from National Physical Plan which is relate to the project that we want to develop.

Controlling Pollution from waste and rubbish from workers is as vital as that from all other construction processes. Beside that, limit the destruction happenbecause of the development. Greenery and roof To reduce heat island thermal gradient difference between developed and undeveloped areas to minimize impact on microclimate and human and wildlife habitat.

Transportation Public transportation Access To reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use. In term of that, the concept of Bentong Local Plan Development is concentrated on developed natural tourism such as Hutan Lipur Lintang, Gapoi Waterfall and Hot Spring Batu 16 to support tourism activity at hilly area. More information and software credits. The existing element that has been provided is guest house, workers house and orchard.

Reduce pollution and land development impacts from private car use. Greenfield sites are those that are not previously developed or graded and remain in a natural state.