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The Yom Kippur War, Ramadan War, or October War also known as the Arab–Israeli War, Chaim Herzog placed Egyptian helicopter losses at fourteen. War exhibit can be found at The Armored Corps Museum at Yad La- Shiryon. Les officiers de Sa Majesté: Les dérives des généraux marocains – La guerra del Yom Kippur by Chaim Herzog at – ISBN – ISBN – Inédita Ediciones – – Softcover. Sorry, this document isn’t available for viewing at this time. In the meantime, you can download the document by clicking the ‘Download’ button above.

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However, Israeli analysts, following “the concept”, did not believe the Arabs were serious about going to war. No reserves were available to stop a Syrian incursion into Galilee. May lippur, William Puddy rated it it was amazing.

Yom Kippur War

Others countered that Syria had strong defenses—antitank ditches, minefieldsand strongpoints— and that it would be better to fight from defensive positions in the Golan Heights rather than the flat terrain deeper in Syria in dhaim event of another war with Syria.

Several times duringArab forces conducted large-scale exercises that put the Israeli military on the highest level of alert, only to be recalled a few days later. The Israelis slowly advanced, bypassing Egyptian positions whenever possible. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Simultaneously, 14 Egyptian Tupolev Tu bombers attacked Israeli targets in the Sinai with Kelt missileswhile another two Egyptian Tupolevs fired two Kelt missiles at a radar station in central Israel. Kumaraswamy, who wrote that intense American pressure prevented the Israelis from annihilating the stranded Third Army.

After the failed conference Henry Kissinger started conducting shuttle diplomacy, meeting with Israel and the Arab states directly. Also on the west bank, in the second line, were an additional tanks for the heraog of Cairo. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. On the day before the war, General Ariel Sharon was shown aerial photographs and other intelligence by Yehoshua Saguy, kiopur divisional intelligence officer. Iraq and Syria also had strained relations, and the Iraqis refused to join the initial offensive.


Arab casualties were known to be much higher than Israel’s, though precise figures are difficult to ascertain as Egypt and Syria never disclosed official figures.

Some Israelis were captured. It was therefore thought that Israel would withdraw from the west bank, since she was most sensitive on the subject of soldier’s lives. Sharon hoped to seize the city and thereby sever the logistical and supply lines for most of the Egyptian Second Army.

The War of Atonement: The Inside Story of the Yom Kippur War

Egyptian commandos and frogmen with armored support launched a ground attack against the bridgehead, which was repulsed with the loss of 10 tanks. On October 23, the day the offensive was to dek, Syria announced that it had accepted the ceasefire, and ordered its troops to cease fire, while the Iraqi government ordered its forces home.

A desiccated economy added to the nation’s despondency.

Siman-Tov sent a more comprehensive assessment on October 3. The close distances during night engagements, herzg the usual Israeli superiority in long-range duels. The Egyptians unsuccessfully attempted to blockade the Israeli Mediterranean coastline, and mined the Gulf of Suez to prevent the transportation of oil from the Bala’eem and Abu Rudeis oil fields in southwestern Sinai to Eilat in southern Israel.

On October 9, the IDF chose to concentrate its reserves and build up its supplies while the Egyptians remained on the strategic defensive. The “Purple Line” ran along a series of low dormant volcanic cones, “tels”, in the north and deep ravines in the south.

Once the Third Army was encircled by Israeli troops every bit of bread to be sent to our men was paid for by meeting Israeli demands. His left flank at Kudne remained unreinforced, although the defending company had increased the number of operational tanks to eight. Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Four months before the war broke out, Henry Kissinger made an offer to Ismail, Sadat’s emissary.


To conclude the operation and deter any Israeli attempt to reconquer the Golan, the Syrian 1st and 3rd Armored Division would advance onto the plateau.

It was an elite active General Headquarters reserve, moved from the Sinai to the Golan in reaction to the Syrian build-up. On October 9, as the last Syrian units were being driven from the Golan Heights, the Syrians launched a counterattack north of Quneitra. The riposte, codenamed Operation Gazellewas launched on October Soviet technicians repaired damaged tanks, SAMs and radar equipment, assembled fighter jets that arrived via the sealift, and drove tanks supplied by the sealift from ports to Damascus.

Jun 26, Jonathan rated it really liked it. Armored and mechanized units began the attack on October 14 with artillery support. He then reviewed the prospects for a peace agreement, which he termed “quite promising”, and had conciliatory words for Israel, Egypt and even the USSR.

La guerra del Yom Kippur – Chaim Herzog – Google Books

Hammad claimed that Egypt did not receive any tanks from the Soviets, [] a claim disputed by Schiff, who stated that Soviet freighters loaded with tanks and other weapons reached Egyptian, Algerian and Syrian ports throughout the war. Marwan informed him that a joint Syrian-Egyptian attack was imminent. Further Israeli attacks to regain the lost ground proved futile. The lowest casualty estimate is 8, 5, Egyptian guera 3, Syrian killed and 18, wounded. Open Preview See a Problem?

Henry Kissinger believed that the regional balance of power hinged on maintaining Israel’s military dominance over Arab countries, and that an Arab victory in the region would strengthen Soviet influence.