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As we are approaching the woderful month of praising, we have posted a complete (as possible) Kiahk Psalmody [Coptic – English – Arabic] in a printable format. Liturgical and Prayers Books. Ċ, The Holy Psalmody of View, Kiahk Psalmody –English, Coptic, Arabic, Mar 23, , PM, St Mary St. This book was originally made in spiral bound form for use in the Monastery but The Kiahk Psalmody according to the rite of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the .

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This sombre tune reflects our sentiments.

The Kiahk Psalmody

The fifth symbol of St. We observe this example of intercession as Abraham asked the Lord to spare His people. We repeat this refrain kiajk times. What good friends those Hebrew children were whom the flames of the fiery furnace did not separate from their love of each other!

For some reason that shared theme never really registered in my mind that way, so I really appreciate you drawing my attention to it. We now wait, asking God to attend to all our needs spiritual and physical in the right and appropriate time. In the Psalmody, as we described earlier, we take a journey through life. The saints would have not endured unless He had died and rose on our behalf.

In the greeting of the Angel Gabriel to St. We mentioned earlier in the meditations of the First Canticle concerning the love and care of God, who rained manna from heaven for the children of Israel to survive in the wilderness. They fell down in prayer, kneeling and praising their God, the Creator of heaven and earth.

What is His name? Our Lord Jesus Christ expressed this great love for us when He spoke, saying. These two items will be pslmody later on. We have been freed from the bondage of sin, and have crossed the waters of baptism through the sacraments of confession and repentance. You who carries, the sins of the world save me, My Lord Jesus Christ, help me.


Kiahk Psalmody Coptic/English/Arabic – Community

It is through the Holy Psalmody that this answer may be found. When he tired to lure us with empty threats and vainglory, kjahk renounced his ways, declaring the glory of God.

This can lead us to the biggest fall of all. Now let us compare this to our own lives.

He allows them to fall on their own. Paul speaks of this two-edged sword in his letter to the Hebrews. What a powerful meditation. The three youths were loyal to God, refusing to bow to the golden image made by Nebuchadnezzar. But when the good man sees what the wicked has suffered, let him cleanse himself from all iniquity, lest he fall into a like punishment, a like chastisement.

If Christ were not the Son of God, then His death on the Cross would have been of no use to us, even if the person crucified had been an angel of heaven. I smile at my enemies, Because I rejoice in Your salvation. Out of His love, He hears the pleas that we may make. How can we praise the Lord our God if we do not read the Book of Life, and listen to the words of the Lord?

Kiahk Psalmody Coptic/English/Arabic

We first asked God to help us and forgive us of our sins, then we were delivered from the bondage of sin through the crossing of the Red Sea, through the sacrament of baptism and its renewal in the sacrament of repentance and confession. But God took the Israelites on the long road which took 40 years. We seek repentance and humility because these are the keys to heaven.

If we use this analogy, we see the humility of St. John and gave the Holy Virgin to be his mother. Without the lampstand, there would be boom place for the light to illuminate. Why should we meditate on His Name if we do know His significance in our lives?

This, once again, shows booo wisdom of the Church Fathers and the guidance they received from the Holy Spirit. This is the rope in the cell of St. We have to seek repentance and humility because these are the keys to heaven. Even though she had smelled the incense of Redemption, her bowels were on fire as she beheld the death of her Son.


This aroma, which will be described later on in the hymn Aven Piarshi-erevsis the aroma that boko Father smelled during the sacrifice of the Son on the Holy wood of the Cross.

These verses, once again, declare the beauty of the Lord our God and the way He is able to direct our lives. The lampstand carries the light, therefore St. Just as the fire and the coal are two natures, so is the divinity and humanity of our Lord. We see His great love for her in the miracle of the wedding of Cana of Galilee in which St. Markos Hanna showing the Theotokias dispersed among the 4 Canticles: Even though the ruler of this world is the devil, our Lord Jesus Christ crushed him and destroyed his kingdom by dying on the Cross.

The proceeding parts of this hymn are sung in a descending tune, becoming more sombre as the tune hits a very low key, making it difficult for some people to sing. This shows the power of the intercessions of the saints in our lives, for. First, they did two important things; prayed and sang. Mary but also on her life of humility and service being the highest saint of heaven, and the perfect model of Christianity. If anyone has paid any attention to the praises sung on Saturday night, you would have realized that the above explanation is no longer valid!

If, in the symphony, one sounds off-tune, then the whole orchestra will not produce a beautiful melody.