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Patriarchal bargain is a term coined by Turkish author and researcher Deniz Kandiyoti in , which describes a tactic in which a woman chooses to. In this article, according to Kandiyoti, there are two systems of male dominance. These are the sub-Saharan African pattern and classic patriarchy. May 4, Bargaining With Patriarchy. Article (PDF Available) in Cite this publication. Deniz Kandiyoti at SOAS, University of London · Deniz Kandiyoti.

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This may be a personal tragedy for a woman stuck generation, because they lived the challenges of previous bargaining and they could not get promised benefits.

Women Bargaining with Patriarchy in Rural Pakistan: A Case Study of Khairpur, Sindh

For women who are in an unfavorable socioeconomic situation, the stakes ksndiyoti a patriarchal bargain can be extreme. The veiling of women such as purdah and other similar things causes more women’s subordination and their economic dependence on men.

This is because, they became participant to a system that oppresses them with commitment due to their actions to resist passivity and total male control. Feminists define the family as an oppressive institution whereas according to conservative women, be pushed out of the family of women makes them weaker and vulnerable.

Article Review: Bargaining with Patriarchy | Meltem Aygün –

However, there is an uncertainty outside the cultural norms and learned roles for the most women. For example, Wolf’s statistics on female suicide at Kandijoti shown that there is a marked change since the s. It also associated with the reproduction of the peasantry in the agricultural community. Difficulties and deprivations experienced by young women is displaced with their control and autonomy on their daughter in law.

Societal expectations for women are regularly enforced, and even the most fervent of feminists find it difficult to escape them.

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After the s, suicide rates become high in women over the age of First, suicide rates are high in young women, especially, among newly married women. They have a vested interest in the suppression of romantic love between youngsters. Feministing is a labor of love and all our staff have kanddiyoti full-time jobs to support their work on the site.

However, no matter her life circumstances or structural location, every woman is expected to be any combination of three things: And we need to hold men, who reap the collective benefit of the oppression of woman as a class, accountable for their own acts of commission and omission that reproduce patriarchal inequality.

She backed down and apologized. In fact, the rewards that individual women may reap from patriarchal bargains function as sanctions for women as a class. For example, in the Middle East, burka is closely associated with the respect of men for the Oman’s women.

While there is pressure on all people in the public eye to look good, for women it is imperative and many times their salary depends on it. The collapse of classical patriarchy resulted with the earlier independence of the young men from their father and they earlier leave the households of their father.

Your donation is much appreciated, and much needed. Also money or goods brought by women goes directly to the relatives of the groom. Jamie Phlegar Jamie Phlegar. However, this bargain is full of contradictions. It also related with their feelings of safety and value. Between June and September ofI conducted fieldwork in six different villages in Khairpur district using observation, interviews with women aged between years and three focus group discussions.

A Case Study of Khairpur, Sindh. It is telling that although women who enter the sex industry often express a sense of initial personal empowerment, over time their experience often changes.

According to Kay Ann Johnson, there is an ironic situation in here. The collapse of classical patriarchy might threaten women and they usually resist this process of change, because they think that old values system are getting from their hands without any compensatory alternative. The industry disregards her humanity and puts a price tag on her body. Shortly, the insecurities of African polygyny balancing with their areas of relative autonomy to maximize.


The prevalence of plastic surgery shows that woman, especially in the public eye, feel pressure to be eternally youthful in order to remain relevant. They adopt interpersonal strategies based on managing the affections of sons and husbands to ensure their safety. Click here to sign up.

Conjugal union seems to lay the groundwork for more explicit forms of bargaining such as openly negotiate the exchange of sexual and labor services.

The women perceived historical transformations, especially if they occur suddenly, as a breach of their existing accommodations with the male dominated order. Land Irrigated rice in Kenya, women were denied of access to their own plots.

Patriarchal bargain can have a normal period as well as crisis period and wkth can see the contradictions markedly in the breaking point. In the classic patriarchy, Kandiyoti mentions about subservience and manipulation. In classic patriarchy, older women get control over the young women. These are the sub-Saharan African pattern and classic patriarchy. The sub-Saharan African pattern related with insecurities of polygyny and areas of relative autonomy for women.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The consequences of their bargain are not the same as women in a more precarious situation, but they still exist.

Women’s request takes the form of passive resistance to their share in the framework of this patriarchal bargain: