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TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE Create a personal breakthrough, master smarter goal setting and claim the life of purpose you want to live today and every day. A Note From Jinny Ditzler. Welcome to Best Year Yet® where even your most impossible dreams can come true year after year after year! How can I make such . In Your Best Year Yet by Jinny Ditzler, she provides 10 tough questions for you to ask to ask yourself while planning so you have your very best.

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First, you will clearly see your limiting beliefs swapped for new, empowered beliefs. Put all your energy into the role that has the most significant impact on your life.

hinny I went through the process for this year, and plan to use it for my team and coaching clients in the future. To continue with, determine your values. Write down everything you can think of, no matter how small and insignificant it seems, connected to every area of your life.

Your plan is not fixed. The point of this exercise is not weeping about the past but realizing what behaviors you might want to adopt.

BEST YEAR YET – Official Site for Best Year Yet Worldwide, LLC

Refresh and try again. It was as if, by focussing on the written YBYY goals, other things in my life weren’t as important; and if I didn’t achieve my weekly and monthly targets I was failing as a person. It will be a while before I can evaluate it, but I found the plan well thought out. Think of the times others let you down, and the times you let yourself down. Jinny Ditzler is the creator of the Best Year Yet workshop in Her 10 questions can really lead you down the rabbit hole and it is no joke when you are advise close yourself off in a room by yourself so that you truly can reflect and acknowledge the you at that time.


It really makes everything feel much less daunting. Even if you do not continue further with your plan, If you go through the whole process of self —questioning described in the workshop, you will learn many things about yourself and your limitations.

I did this half hartedly last year and didnt get great results. The best way to achieve something is merely by doing it. It’s kind of a holistic, year-long version of The Artist’s Way, minus the woowoo.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until next year to see how it worked, but I really believe this is going to be my best year yet! As the current year ends, you probably promise yourself that the next year is going to be the best year of your life. If you do her exercises, you are one step closer to changing your life. I like the idea of aligning goals with personal values and the strategies for implementation sound promising. Jinny’s book not only helped me to focus to get through my first degree but through two others since and I am using her principals now to get through a Master’s program.

Set up a daily to-do-list, that keeps you on track with the things you have to do. Do not worry — goals you erase from your plan can always be added at some later time. So, what could you do? Lists with This Book.

Your Best Year Yet! Summary – Jinny Ditzler | PDF & Audiobook

Despite the books claim that the process can be completed in a mere 3 hours, the first time through can This book provides the best structured foundation to goal setting for a general audience of any title I have encountered. It is very similar to others I have seen and used, but with a few twists that make you think about goals that are aligned with your motivation and helps you to focus on what are the most important things for you to do to meet goals.


Well, according to author Ditzler, three hours is all you need to start building the life of your dreams. Change all the negative statements about positive ones.

How many times so far have you decided to change your life? Think if you can consolidate some of them, to make your time and self-management easier. To ask other readers questions about Your Best Year Yet! Jan 22, Patty rated it it was amazing.

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These straightforward, life-changing practical steps will help you make this year — and every year — the best year of your life as you achieve: Take this summary with you and read anywhere! It’s a great annual process to harvest what this year taught us and prepare for the New Year in a focused and deliberate way.

Decide which goals are the most important for you at the moment — have at least one for each role you play. I did do the 10 questions in chapter 3 over 5 hours with some breaks and I do feel significantly more positive and optimistic about the year to come I wasn’t raised on Zig Ziglar for nothing! It helps you concentrate more on the result you want to achieve at the end This is a great little book!

I used it to help me commit to doing my for project this year; I’ve used it to do everything from successfully increasing my book reading 78 in80 in to ditching spent relationships.