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IEC Impulse tests on cables and their accessories. 1. Related Test Report Forms. No publication found. Withdrawn/Replaced. IEC The voltages pertaining to the system on which cables and accessories are to be used are given in IEC or in the relevant product standard. Buy IEC Ed. Impulse tests on cables and their accessories from SAI Global.

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Colored power cables are used to color code installations. Safety hazards, maintenance expenditure and repairs are minimized. Cables with a C13 connector at one end and a type E plug connector at the other are commonly available. Apple uses a modified version of this connector, with the receptacle having a proprietary pin that secures the adapter in place and provides grounding.

In particular, UL will certify:. These have largely been supplanted by cordless shavers with rechargeable batteries or corded shavers which use an AC adapter. Unlike IEC connectors, they are not coded for voltage; users must ensure that the voltage rating of the equipment is compatible with the mains supply. Iev sheet C25 shows retaining device dimensions. Use British English Oxford spelling from December All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from April Commons category link is on Wikidata.

BS EN IEC 60230:2018

Interconnection couplers are similar to appliance couplers, but the appliance outlet is built into a piece of equipment, while the plug connector is attached to a cord. Kettle plug is a colloquial term used for the high-temperature C16 appliance inlet and sometimes, wrongly, for the mating C15 connector.

A cord which is fitted with non-rewireable usually moulded connectors at both ends is termed a cord set. Appliance manufacturing may be simplified by mounting an appliance coupler directly on the printed 6023 board. Commonly referred to as a Clover-leaf or Mickey Mouse connector due to its shape.


Each type of coupler is identified by a standard sheet number.

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Typical applications with increased pin temperatures include appliances with heating coils such as ovens or electric grills. For other uses, see IEC connector disambiguation.

In addition to the connections within the standards, as mentioned, there are possible combinations between appliance couplers and IEC interconnection couplers.

Power cord sets utilizing a C13 connector and a C14 plug are commonplace in data centers to provide power from a PDU Power Distribution Unit to a server. A power cord with a suitable power plug for the locality where the appliance is being used on one end and a C13 connector connecting to the appliance on the other is commonly called an IEC cord. Gender references for connectors actually refer only to the contacts, not the complete connectors.

Views Read Edit View history. It also defines an interconnection cord set as an “assembly consisting of one cable or cord fitted with one plug connector and one connector, intended for the interconnection between two electrical appliances”. Retrieved 29 June They have a variety of common uses including connecting power between older PCs and their monitors, extending existing power cords, connecting to type F outlets strips commonly used with rack-mount gear to save space and for international standardization and connecting computer equipment to the output of a uninterruptible power supply UPS.

The IBM Wheelwriter series of electronic typewriters are one common application. For example, an electric kettle cord can be used to power a computer, but an unmodified computer cord cannot be used to power a kettle. A similar but polarized connector has been made, but is not part of the standard.

Although not specified by IECand not clear if any formal written standard exists, the most common wiring appears to connect the squared side to the neutral, and the rounded to the hot line. Eic appliance with a permanently-attached plug for use in one country cannot be readily sold in another which uses an incompatible wall socket; this requires keeping track of variations throughout the product’s life cycle from assembly and testing to shipping and repairs.


Appliance couplers enable the use of standard inlets and country-specific cord sets which allow manufacturers to produce the same appliance for many markets, where only the cord set has to be changed for a particular market.

Most desktop computers use the C14 inlet to attach the power cord to the power supply, as do many instrument amplifiersmonitors, printers and other peripherals. The shape and dimensions of appliance inlets and connectors are coordinated so that a connector with lower current rating, temperature rating, or polarization cannot be inserted into an appliance inlet that requires higher ratings. For appliance couplers this consists of the letter “C” followed by a number, where the standard sheet for the appliance inlet is 1 higher than the sheet for the corresponding cable connector.

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This connector can also be found on high current medical equipment. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. IEC defines a cord set as an “assembly consisting of one cable 6020 cord fitted with one plug and one connector, intended for the connection of an electrical appliance or equipment to the electrical supply”.

Unpolarized C7 connectors can be inserted into the polarized inlets; however, doing so might be a safety risk if the device is designed for polarized power.