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Hassam-Ul-Haramain Urdu: Book + Taqreezat (Urdu + Arabic) (By Nooria Razwia Publishing Company). Hassam Ul Haramain Bma Taqreezat. Hassam ul Haramain This is the english translation to Hassam ul. Husamul Haramain (Ḥusām al-Haramayn) or Husam al Harmain , is a treatise written by Ahmad Raza Khan ( ) which declared the founders of Deobandi, Ahle Hadith and Ahmadiyya movement as heretics. The treatise is published in Arabic, Urdu, English, Turkish and in Hindi Taqweeyat-ul Imaan” by Ismaeel Dehlwi; “Seerate Mustaqeem” by Ismaeel.

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Your kingdom is dominant, Your argument is resplendent, Your favours upon us are pre-eternal, Your verses and arguments are free from all defects and faults. They are the people upon whome Allah had bestowed His curse, corked their ears and veiled their eyes so that they become deaf and blind to listen and visualise the righteousness. The choicest blessings of Allah be upon our master and chief Muhammad A in abundance, upon his inmates and companions and countless salutations.

After praise of Allah and blessings upon the Prophet ” ,Isay: After praise and eulogy, I submit that I have had opportunity to go hatamain an illustrious work namely “Al- Mo’tamad Al-Mustanad”, which has been compiled by an Kllamah and repository of knowledge.

They also exhorted the government of British India to execute the founders of those movements for heresy. The so-called guides, who have been mentioned in your work, are, indeed, misguided.

This eulogy was written by a practising scholar and an erudite of perfection Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Al-Khayyat may Allah guide him to the straight path. I feel that this is an important judgement on this topic and singular in its nature. In the circumstances, whether it is obligatory upon the believers to call them disbelievers as all the deniers of requirements of Deen religion fall in this category.

Allah, the Exalted, may afford us to benefit from his knowledge and ken, his works and writings may guide us.

The illustrious author has named his work “Al- Mo’tamad Al-Mustanad”. He had been Mufti Malikiya in Ottoman and Hashmite reigns. After praises and salutation, I submit that Allah, the Exalted, has done a great favour to me that He enhlish granted me the light from the firmament of purity.


One of these was al Qoul ul Majdi, which has been published from Indonesia. This eulogy was written by Maulana Hamid Ahmad Muhammad Judawi, an accomplished, erudite of arguments and claims, deviator from engkish evil.

This so-called freedom of expression created disturbance and haramwin, which fragmented the unity of Islamic community. I took refuge in the field of his benevolence. He is perfect in mathematics. May Allah, the Exalted, grant the author full recompense, shower upon him His extreme bounties and endow him with His grace and favour till post- eternity.

He wrote some books on topics like tragedy of Karbala. After praise of Allah and eulogy of the holy Prophet AI say: Peace be upon him and mercy and benedictions of Allah and His 0 forgiveness.

This lame excuse of philosophy gave a diabolical urge to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani to make a fake claim of prophet-hood under the umbrella of his British masters. Blessing and salutation be upon his A inmates and companions, who are the stars of firmament of Deen of the chosen one A and defeat the bands of satans with indomitable spirit.

Send the choicest blessings and salutations upon our Chief Muhammad Ahis inmates and his favourites. I replied that he has written an eulogy on it and declared this book as a unique and august work, praying Allah for its approval. Most of his time was spent in the mosque, that’s harajain he was called Hamamat ul Masjid.

Verily, to avoid from astrayness is more important.

Ahmad Reza Khan has shaken the foundations of unbelief and blasphemy. There is one of the gardens of paradise in this city. He manifested the truthfulness upon the people of knowledge. He continued correspondence with Fazal Barelvi after his return from Hijaz. He was mudarris in Haram mosque and in Madarisah Daudia. Harsmain Raza Khan Barelvi.

Full text of “Hussam ul Haramain English”

Because there is no Sustainer save He. After praise of Allah and blessings upon the Prophet AI say: I bear witness that there is no deity save Allah. Fatawa-e-Rashid Ahmad Gangohi and Braheen-e-Qatiah, which is actually the work of Gangohi but has been attributed to his pupil Khalil Ahmad Anbaithawi, and Hifzul Iman of Ashraf Ali Thanwi, whose rejected writings have been italicised for distinction.


Blessings may also be upon the inmates and companions of the Prophet A who will stand on the right hand side of their Master on the Day of Resorrection.

English – Hussam ul Haramayn

The name of the Sheikh was top listed among the Ulama releasing the fatwa Grant good recompense to the narrators and supporters of his Shariah and religion in all eras and in all cities, and the best of the spiritual benefits. Afterwards he the disciple himself prepared an abridgement u, the book in two volumes, which is entitled as Ittihaf ul Akhwan bi Ikhtisar Matma’ul Wijdan.

Next dawn, their houses may be the signs of ruination, certainly my Lord has power over all things. Let there be the remembrance of the Prophet A till the chirping and singing of nightingales in the gardens of temporal world.

Hussam ul Haramain English

Afford us to be on the right path, reject the falsehood, keep us aloof from falsehood. Devotional Islam and Politics in British India: He is Maulana Ahmad Reza Khan Brailvi, a great researcher; Allah may keep him safe and sound and protect him from every evil and undesirable thing. Allah may grant good recompense to His Highness Al- Shaikh Ahmad Reza Khan, enhance his spiritual degrees, increase his progeny and make him among those, who always speak truth till the Day of Judgement.

Allah is sufficient for us and the best helper. They are bearing witness that he is superb veteran scholar and teacher.

Husam-ul-Haramayn in English

He is shining in the firmament like a full moon at night. Blessings and salutations be upon our Chief and Master Muhammad A whose advent and commission lowered the heads of the un-contractable persons. I render Your gratitude like one, which by all means is Yours.