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0 ReviewsWrite review ?id=dPDRAAAACAAJ. Heroj sa hiljadu lica. By Džozef Kembel. Heroj sa hiljadu lica. by: Joseph Campbell (author). Format: hardcover. ISBN: (). Publish date: Publisher: Stylos. Pages no: . Heroj sa hiljadu lica by Joseph Campbell, Christopher Vogler, James George Frazer, C.G. Jung, Mircea Eliade, Vladimir Propp, Robert Graves.

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The son of the goddess Izanami — the god of storm and natural forces, Take Haya Susanoo, later becomes the principal chthonic deity. Thus in folk stories entryways into the netherworld are always characterized as ominous and fateful, usually pits, caves, wells, etc.

Brandishing his divine sword behind him, Izanaki arrives at Hira hill on the very border of the Land of Night.

Those two ideas have certain things in common. The hero manages to survive with the help of magic scarves that he received from Suseribime.

The peach tree has fruits of apotropaic characteristics which halt the malign demons. She even vowed to remain sterile until her daughter was returned to her.

Nevertheless, even the undead get there, the return to the world of the living has been granted to them just because they are living. Just like the sword, the peach also possesses apotropaic properties, protects from unfavorable influences and is used for exorcism.

In the Kojikithe oldest literary work of Japan, there is a plethora of motifs which could be found in the cultures of many peoples all over the world. Campbell probably relates many more myths in this book than is necessary to get his points across and that can possibly become tiresome to some readers before the book is concluded.


Those obstacles originate in the following metamorphoses: While the mythic hero inherently has magic powers at his disposal and possesses magic objects which transform into mechanical obstacles, the folktale hero has to receive such objects from a donor helper.

Heroj sa hiljadu lica

The pursuer dashes after the hero or gets in his way, quickly morphing into various animals and alluring objects. Some metamorphoses are related to outward similarity, for hiljasu, the origin of coconuts from human heads, or vice versa, humans deriving from coconut trees; the origin of the Sun from fire or fire from the Sun and the like. You’ll likely know within the first fifty pages if this is something you wish to absorb fully now or perhaps reserve for a later time.

The central sphere is imagined as Middle Earth overgrown with reeds.

Heroj sa hiljadu lica — Reader Q&A

After that, the goddess Izanami herself takes up the pursuit. Kojiki 92pp. That implies that ancient Japanese thought is characterized by the trichotomic structural scheme of the universe, 2 with the celestial, earthly and underworldly spheres.

The pursued hero hi,jadu the god Izanaki, and the pursuers are horrible chthonic demons. The hero can also gain the hilhadu if he does somebody a favor, or proves himself better at a certain skill.

That boundary can be crossed in either direction by a living hero, but the dead cannot return from across it. He is considered to be one of the most important figures of Serbian history and he is canonized and venerated by Serbian Orthodox Church. The Land of the Dead is an embodiment of the impure and sinful, and the hags — ugly women from the Land of Night resemble, for example, Greek goddesses of revenge — the Erinyes, or the Roman Furies.


In the analyzed Japanese myth Izanaki broke two taboos. The Kojiki consists of three volumes. Before the goddess Huljadu, single demiurgical gods would disappear after fulfilling their cosmogonal role, but they subsequently remained in hiljwdu.

The third cosmic level — the netherworld, is embodied as the Land of Night, for which some of the celestial gods leave. In that way, parts of relief, elements of animate or inanimate nature originate from each object the pursued throws away in the magical escape, making the hero a demiurge, and bringing this motif closer to the creator myths. What finally stops the goddess Izanami herself is a natural obstacle — Hira hill, as well as a large hipjadu set by Izanaki. Eight million in fact hiljady a numberless host.

heroj sa hiljadu lica pdf 14

She will subsequently make sure that the living should not llica, since she will sweep away a thousand people a day. See Featured Authors Answering Questions. According to him, this cult not only had a central place in the religion of the Serbs, but hegoj entire old Serbian religion stemmed from it. As such, on this occasion, we will consider two collections of folk stories: Similar myths exist in Polynesia and North America as well.