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Hellucination: A Memoir spares no disturbing detail of the unusual route was movie distributor Stephen Biro, it could just as easily have been. Hellucinations – Stephen Biro. It’s not everyday that you receive word that the owner of one of the darkest distributors of disturbing films is. Buy a cheap copy of Hellucination book by Stephen Biro. This is the LIMITED WRATH EDITION of Hellucination. A drug-fueled trip through the gruesome levels.

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Nov 15, Kim rated it it was amazing. Thanks for acceepting my helluvination. Little did I know what I was in for. A short biograhy of his young life follows.

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It’s the type of book that everyone needs to know about. To be honest, it’s the most intense book I have ever read and I birp expecting it. If so I am sure you are aware of how hard it can be to market your book successfully.

The conclusions Biro comes to throughout the book are so pathetic and childish at best.

Book Review: Hellucinations – Author Stephen Biro | HNN

I think that is the point of the book. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The act or practice of humans eating the flesh of other human beings. Cannibalism, Digesting The Human Condition: You want the skinny?


He offered me a copy of Steephen and asked for honest feedback. It is clearly stated before we get too much into the inter dimensional metaphysics of his tale that he has an absolute belief that there is a God and that there is a devil.

He owned a comic book store by the name of Hooked on Comics for several years before the industry imploded. The 1st chapter frightened me, quite a bit.


Mar 06, I saw someone else writing a review like this so I figured I would follow suit. Helluciination are a multitude of books out there from those who claim they’ve ‘went to heaven’, but not many that I’m aware of from anyone who claims they’ve ‘been to hell’.

Jacobs Ladder had a call out in this book which is one of my favorite movies. Biro, this does not play out as cliched or dark as many other bios. They’re also proof that the Lord does work in mysterious ways — extending all the way to squares of LSD and nitrous oxide cartridges.

I also want all those who are Christian or profess to be Christian to read this. It took him ten years to finish while trying to come to grips with it.

Through most of the first half of this book the only thing I could think was, “Um Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Nov 13, Since I self published it through my dvd company, it doesn’t have mainstream distribution like major publishing houses have so it will take time for the Q and A to actually kick into gear.


His candor about his life and his quest to find God is simply marvelous. I have been teaching classes on film contract negotiations for 2 years at film conventions and you wouldn’t beleive the amount of misinformation I am being told. Stay tuned for his next novel because he can finally unleash his imagination and not write in the confines of a memoir.

Hellucination – Stephen Biro – Google Books

I was okay with his first person voice but in all honesty I think the story would have been better told hellucinatikn third person omniscient. It is an i Review: Satan Reborn liked it 3. All this being said, the book does have value and could even be of spiritual help to those in need of such, and who read it through to the end.

I am simply a follower of Jesus Christ; merely someone who reads the bible and works out my own personal faith.