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Guárdame las vacas is a villancico more than half a millennium old. Its basic structure consists of a repeating bass part overlayed with a descant. A villancico. Here’s the music notation and TABs for Guardame las Vacas by Luis de Narvaez for Classical Guitar. Please feel free to download, print, and share it. Last weekend I spent some time trying to solve something that has puzzled me about Guardame las vacas for a while now. I have several.

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People bring out the old philosophization of “If Narvaez were around today, what would HE think of how I am playing it? Rob MacKillop has a nice Guard my Cows on his website video section. I don’t like to feel calculating.

Narvaez, Luis de – Guardame las Vacas

Diaz’s approach is pretty good the best among the approaches I’ve seenbut I wonder if mine might not afford the guitarist an equally satisfactory alternative?

Should it be “guard my cows” or “keep my cows”? He vacsa also notable for being the earliest composer for vihuela to adapt the contemporary Italian style of lute music. As usual, fingerings are only suggestions; you may ignore them and choose your own. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Guárdame las vacas (Otras tres diferencias) by Luys de Narváez –

As a side-point, every arrangement I have has differences in certain measures vuardame suggest that pretty much everyone has taken some minor liberties with octaves.

It seems the double and triple entendre piles up. Other than the guitar-specific fingerings including left-hand legatothe music the notes themselves should now match exactly the original tablature. Variation 3 of first 4 strong statement 6.


A New Approach to Guardame las vacas? I guardaame that my idea would probably require that either a the 3 variations from the otra parte be arranged in A minor for it to work musically, just as Segovia and Diaz had done, or b the first 4 variations be arranged in D minor, just as Yepes had done. I’ve retained the previous version generated with Sibelius for those who want tablature or wish to compare Sibelius and LilyPond output.

This way they could learn Narvaez “best of”-improvisations. Can someone help me to translate the title? It seems to me that while performing the otra parte after the first four vavas is unsatisfactory from a modern musicological perspective, it also seems that both parts simply sound better in their respective keys on the guitar at least, i.

Board index All times are UTC. There is some debate over whether the full composition consists of four or seven variations.

A New Approach to Guardame las vacas? – Classical Guitar

Having said all of that, I would like to turn to the question that prompted this post. I’m glad to see that I’m not the first to consider playing Guardame as a sort of musical conversation, and that someone else has not only considered it, but actually done it that way.

The king would leave to go on a hunt or to battle, or who knows to visit his mistress at the summer palace, and he would entrust the safety and honor of the ladies of the court to a valiant and honest court official. Julian Bream rectified this trend by recording the two sets of variations separately, albeit on the lute.


As you can tell from the revision history below, I’ve made other changes over time, eventually reverting two instances where I had added extra notes to form chords to make a note sound fuller.

Changed last D in first voice of measure 8 to use finger 4. The new fingering vacax the thumb more and is more playable.

Forum guitare classique – Forum chitarra classica – Foro guitarra clasica – Free sheet music for classical guitar – Delcamp. It was a popular song with a double entendre meaning. Updated fingering and added guitar-specific legato. Views Read Edit View history.

If you have trouble with the left-hand fingering for avcas scale run in measure 22, you’ll have to come up with an alternate fingering. Translates something like this; Keep the cows for ls darling boy, and I will kiss you; or you kiss me and I will save the cows for you So the meanings are rife with coquettish teases as well as male sexual bravado.

It’s not that difficult to use a capo to set one guitar in the same key as the one playing open even though the scores are two different keys. At the time, the harmonic pairing of the bass part and the descant was associated with those names.