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Smedley Darlington Butler. Born: West Chester, Pa., July 30, ; Educated: Haverford School; Married: Ethel C. Peters, of Philadelphia, June 30, War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butler Contents Chapter 1: War Is A Racket Chapter 2: Who Makes The Profits? Chapter 3: Who Pays The Bills?. Brigadier General Smedley Butler, Major General War is just a racket. A racket is best War for any other reason is simply a racket. From a speech.

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This here little book seems tame now, but I guess it packed a punch back in the day; hence my very generous 4 stars. France only recently increased the term of military service for its youth from a year to eighteen months. The Plot to Seize the White House. The Pacific is a great big ocean. A group of 4, supporters assembled and negotiated a truce between him and the mayor to keep him in Philadelphia for a while longer, and the president authorized a one-year extension.

Full text of “War Is A Racket”

As America continues to crumble, one can stop and think: Broken hearts and homes. The general public shoulders the bill.

Then, the most crowning insolence of all — he was virtually blackjacked js paying for his own ammunition, clothing, and food by being made to buy Liberty Bonds. Or visit any of the veteran’s hospitals in the United States.

Smedley Butler

All the parties alleged to be involved publicly said there was no truth in the story, calling it a joke and a fantasy. He also describes the waste and corruption inherent in military spending. The mad dogs of Europe are on the loose. Her wedding was the only time he wore his dress blue uniform smedlley he left the Marines.


War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier

We send our professional soldiers and our sailors and gacket politicians and our diplomats to these conferences. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.

After his retirement from the Corps he wrote an article condemning war as a means for some people to get rich er without their families serving in the Armed Forces. The assassination of King Alexander of Jugoslavia [Yugoslavia] complicated matters. A few profit — and the many pay. What does the “open door” policy to China mean to us?

And the hurried mobilization of his troops on the Austrian border after the assassination of Dollfuss showed it too. Feb 11, Paul rated it it was amazing. There were pretty good profits in mosquito netting in those days, even if there were no mosquitoes in France. Boys with a normal viewpoint were taken out of the fields and offices and factories and classrooms and put into the ranks.

When we captured any vessels, the soldiers all got their share — at least, they were supposed to. His book was one smsdley the first works describing the workings rafket the military-industrial complex and after retiring from service, he became a popular speaker at meetings organized by veterans, pacifists and church groups in the s.


Well, after Uncle Sam had bought them and the manufacturer had pocketed the profit, the wrenches were put on freight cars and shunted all around the United States in an effort to find a use for them.

An allied commission, it may be recalled, came over shortly before the war declaration and called on the President. It will be fought with deadly chemicals and gases.

You owe it to yourself to read it if dmedley have an interest in WW1 and the cyclical nature of America’s foreign military adventures.

He and Vanunu concur on the murder of JFK. There you have some of the steel and powder earnings. The Senate Nye committee probe of the munitions industry and its wartime profits, despite its sensational disclosures, hardly has scratched the surface. Who benefits from war? His family pays too. Well, not one of these mosquito nets ever got to France! He exhibited courage and skill in leading his men through the action of the 22d and in the final occupation of the city.

Butler became the first general officer to be placed under arrest since the Civil War. Only those who would wwr called upon to risk their lives for their country should have the privilege of voting to determine whether the nation should go to war.

Confederates in the attic.