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Garro: Sword of Truth Type Audio Drama Series The Horus Heresy Author James Swallow Performer John Banks, Toby Longworth and Ramon Tikaram. Garro: Sword of Truth (The Horus Heresy) [James Swallow] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Garro returns to Terra to find a ragged fleet of. Garro: Sword of Truth (Warhammer 40, Novels: Horus Heresy) by Swallow, James () on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Alexander van der Pol rated it really liked it Sep 23, Khorarinnone of the Emperor’s elite Custodian Guardarrives and curtly summons Garro and Rubio to accompany him on a shuttle to the battleship Nolandia. Damn good stuff, I can’t wait for the next one!

Varren goes berserk, shrugging off bolter wounds and tearing the traitor Marines apart with his power sword. Lists with This Book.

The following is the chronological order of the first Knights-Errant member Nathaniel Garro ‘s story arc set within the Horus Heresy:.

Andrei rated it really liked it Aug 25, Garro tells the gun crews to re-target all weapons on the Daggerlinewhile sending Rubio to immediately prepare an astropathic message to the Imperial Palace. Meanwhile, Rubio has been probing the inside of the Daggerlinefollowing the psychic trail he sensed during their first meeting.

Garro: Sword of Truth (Audio Drama)

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Tim Harvey rated it really liked it Mar 09, This audio drama was much more well done than some in the past, the script really trut a dramatic work, and really gave the feeling of A damn good addition to Garro’s series of audio dramas, and the whole Knights Errant story line.

Hakeem has gravely underestimated the World Eater’s fury and the Harro Guard’s skill, falling back once he has lost an eye to Varren’s sword and had both of his own snapped in two gsrro Libertas. Garro is not at rest, protesting about the damage inflicted on the refugee fleet by Khorarinn’s orders. As Rubio activates it, Hakeem screams for his men to open fire, but the three warriors disappear and the White Scars’ bolt shells pass through empty air.


He shouts for his men to take teuth with their boltgunsbut Rubio calls Varren and Garro to his side, having found their way out: Khorarinn cuts across their pleasantries and warns the o not to break formation until he and only he is satisfied that they are not agents graro the Arch-Traitor. As this is set before the events of Legion of One, the main focus is on Rubio and Garro, and this allows the listener to get inside both Astartes heads and learn what each of their thoughts and reactions are to various scenes.

If possible, I would recommend that people new to Garro start with “Oath of Moment”, follow it up with “Sword of Truth” and finish it with “Legion of One”.

Arriving at the scene of Khorarinn’s murder, they are confronted by Hakeem and the majority of his men. Oct 05, Michael T Bradley rated it it was ok.

Garro Sword of Truth.jpg

Horus has tainted the Adeptus Astartesloyalist and traitor, in a way that will endure forever. Retrieved from ” http: I agree with the points Bane of Kings made in his review, so I won’t repeat them here.

On it, a warrior in the purple livery of the Emperor’s Children varro seen killing the crew and steering the vessel off course. Nov 27, Hakan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Before they can go further, Khorarinn and a squad of armed naval ratings teleports to the Daggerlineshowing them a pict-capture from the flight recorder recovered from the wreckage of the Mistral.

Also it really makes me wonder about the Outcast Dead. Who is the REAL traitor?

Sword of Truth is the third audio drama in the series featuring former Death Guard Nathaniel Garrothough it takes place between the events of the first, Garro: Rhys rated it liked it Dec 23, We get several action packed moments despite the character-driven aspect of this audio drama, characters with ulterior motives, and the book is really a delight to listen to.


Garro and Rubio commandeer a shuttle and return to the Daggerline to confer with Varren in private, disobeying Khorarinn’s orders. Nathaniel GarroKnight Errant and agent of the Sigillitereturns from the battlefields sowrd Calth to find a new mission already waiting for him — a ragged fleet of Space Marines from several Legions lingers at the edge of the Garro System.

At Varren’s word, the three warriors charge. Blacksun rated it really liked it Dec 31, Loved this instalment from a great series. It was later re-released as an audio CD in Decemberbut can still be bought as a stand-alone audio drama MP3. The Horus Heresy 1 – 10 of 78 books. With reluctance, Rubio accepts it, but is gratified to be fitted with a new psychic hooda sign that he is once again free to employ his psychic gifts.

Garro : Sword of Truth (Audio Drama) | Le Reclusiam

The ships’ inhabitants claim to be loyalistsfleeing the massacre at Isstvan III much in the same way that Garro agrro his Company did aboard the Eisenstein. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. After my disappointment with Chosen of KhorneI was pleasantly surprised aword see an Audio CD that was not only three times as long but must have had a very skilled team working at the sound effects in the background.

When Khorarinn, Garro, and Rubio take a shuttle to the Daggerline to meet with Varren in person, they are lf to see other legionaries present: Basically Cluedo but with Space Marines.

Highly recommended for fans of HH and Eisenstein. Rubio’s psychic powers are still rusty after years of disuse, but back trutu the Nolandia he warns Garro that he felt deception from one of the Legionaries on the Daggerlinethough he cannot say from whom. Dakovash rated it really liked it Jul 05,