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Buy Fostex F A – Alnico/Fullrange online at » € ✓ Your online hifi specialist retailer for Fullrange. When I heard Fostex FA alnico full range driver first time I realized its great potential. Problems associated with this driver IMHO have been. Fostex 8” FULL RANGE Alnico magnet Foam surround 8 ohm impedance Frequency response from 30Hz to 20kHz 90 dB sensitivity Flange X mm .

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With the 12 wpc Torii satisfying background levels start at 8: One of the speakers is scratched in front and you may see it on one of supplied pictures.

Fostex FA. | DIY Audio in | Pinterest | Loudspeaker, Horn speakers and Audio

Good luck, Mark in Canada. With a driver of this size and f3 this low the MLTL can be designed to emulate an infinite baffle complete removal of the backwave but with dampening characteristics to provide higher efficiency. Problems associated with this driver IMHO have been clearly connected with the enclosures and electronics to use.

BTW Bob used very little stuffing just enough to even out the frequency responsein fact the back fold of the line has no stuffing at all. I have all drawings in Deltacad. Logged mcgsxr Full Member Posts: I drive this speaker with Cayin AT tube amplifier from Micromega dac both for sale also and purposely built hi-end audio PC with Audiophile Optimizer. Fried MLTL speakers for the past 25 years, so much of what I’m hearing is very familar, nothing like typical punny single driver speakers with no bass.


Fostex F200A fullrange loudspeaker (pair) Reduced Again [Expired]

It must also produce a large and accurate 3 dimensional image and therefore cannot be built into the walls of the room or be designed for placement against walls.

And the bass imaging should also go away. I’ve heard that Fostex may stop importing them to the U.

But we’re trying to build a house starting yet this fall, so finances and time are both at a premium. He offered to do something different, but I honestly couldn’t think of anything else that would reinforce, be at least the size of the driver, and look better. Speaker with Sound Anchor stand: I listened to a rather wide variety of music and at moderate to fairly loud foetex.

The depth of bass stuns me from time to time, but the volume of it can be less than expected for the given depth.

Very promising they seem to be Oh, and I will report on how the Bolder Cable vostex Teac sounds too My speakers now have a name: The back of front panel behind driver is routed by 45 degree to allow the driver work freely.

Have you had the chance to hear a digital amp on these speakers? The dedicated room will allow for nearfield listening f20a lots of clear space around, proper proportions, isolated power, etc.

I have a pair of AlNiCo A’s on the way. I haven’t done tons of serious listening as fostfx current room set up is laughable and I’ve been very busy in part due to trying to get construction for a new bigger house, with dedicated listening room started. Speakers veneered with Anigra. The numbers say otherwise, but the Torii offered all the volume I need and has raised the bar significantly compared to the 6 fostxe old wpc Rotel I own. I bought the FA drivers from Madisound last spring.


The Sound Anchor spikes are also available and included. Tape decks Tuners View All Analog. Nice write up JLM, gives good insight into the design.

Fostex F200A 8″ Full Range with Alnico magnet

You could quite easily do surround in the new place using Brines Boppers as mains, and small Fostices in small boxes from PartsExpress.

OR, think about the little Jordan JX53, which would be ideal, in their small sealed boxes, designed to be wall mounted. Any line on where to find the drivers themselves? Voices, pianos, violins, strings and brass are refined.

Martin King’s mass loaded transmission designs have been univerally praised.

With baffle step compensation and careful stuffing of the TL the speaker produces a very flat response without cabinet colorations and the design eliminates out of phase signals.