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Fluke Calibration A Metrology Well Calibrator, V C – C, Insert A INSA. Order #: A. Ships in weeks. $10, USD. Fluke Calibration A Field Dry-Well Metrology Temperature Calibrator with Model INSA (“A” Insert) and INSX, °C to °C – at the Test. Fluke Field Metrology Well measures from °C to °C.

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Basic Snap Action Switches. The well can be ordered with any one of several inserts to cater for most probe sizes and the inserts are interchangeable.

Fluke , Fluke , Fluke , & Fluke Metrology Well Calibrators

Due to the fkuke shape or weight of this item, additional shipping charges may apply. Just like the Flukethis dry-well has exceptional axial and radial uniformity.

It happened when we introduced Micro-Baths. Shop Basic Snap Action Switches.

PoE Power Over Ethernet. Fluke Calibration Field Metrology Well Accurate enough for lab use, and rugged and portable enough to take anywhere Metrology Wells. Radial uniformity Radial uniformity is the difference in temperature between one well and another well.


Insert Custom Custom insert pricing is based on a maximum of eight holes.

Fluke Calibration 9171-A-R-156

The user interface can be configured to display in English, French, or Chinese. Write a review Fluke Metrology Well Calibrator. Not only does it help minimize axial gradient and loading effects, it helps address the unique immersion characteristics of each thermometer tested in the heat source. Fluke Metrology Well It only gets better with Metrology Wells. And we utilize proprietary dual-zone controls. The display shows the block temperature, built-in reference thermometer temperature, cutout temperature, stability criteria, and ramp rate.

Please see datasheet for options. Power Entry Module Accessories. Those characteristics include the location and size of the actual sensor within the probe, the width and thermal mass of the probe, and the lead wires used to connect the sensor to the outside world.

Better stability can only be found in fluid baths and primary fixed-point devices. Shop Insulators, Sockets and Kits.

Fluke A-R Well Calibrator, C with INSA, Ref. V | Transcat

Display Accuracy Dry-wells are typically calibrated by inserting a calibrated PRT into one of the wells and making adjustments to the calibrator’s internal control sensor 99171 on the readings from the PRT. Temperature gradients, loading effects, and hysteresis flke been minimized to make the calibration of the display much more meaningful.


Messfehler von Temperatursensoren bei Stromschleifenkalibrierungen reduzieren German The model A features a well depth of mm 8 in. It only gets better with Metrology Wells. Shop Light Pipe Products.

Flike Constant Voltage Transformers. Shop Motorized Impeller Accessories. We added a seventh in the form of a legitimate reference thermometer input and created an entirely new product category: Loading Loading is defined as the change in temperature sensed by a reference thermometer inserted into the bottom of a well after the rest of the wells are filled with thermometers, too.

Connector and Crimp Tooling. Shop Video and RF. Shop Tool Accessories and Parts. Shop Air Quality Sensors.

Fluke Calibration 9170-A-156

For poorly designed heat sources, or when large-diameter probes are used, these differences can be very large. 1971 Liquid Level Sensors. This product is not sold individually. Hysteresis Thermal hysteresis exists far more in internal control sensors than in good-quality reference PRTs.

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