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Fluke a AC Voltage Calibrator Teardown and Repair – Page 1. In summary, the manual puts it best: “DEATH ON CONTACT may result if. FLUKE SA. MAR 3 0 .. temperature using an rms responding meter, ( Fluke B . control is obtained via the A (Manual or Remote Mode). A AC Calibrator for a combined output ranging . The Static Sensitive (S.S.) devices are identified in the Fluke technical manual parts list with the symbol.

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5200w Replacement Install the attenuator assembly using the extender kit pcb and cables. Model A to Model A Connections Extreme caution should be exercised any time that the inner covers are removed from the instrument for servicing.

Used when pcb are on the ex- tender board. ACTION Go to the step number given for correct response YES NO 1 Prior to beginning this test the top outer and inner covers must be removed, an autotransformer must be connected between the instrument and line power and adjusted for the proper input, the fuse and its rating should be checked, and the position of the voltage selection switches must be checked for the applicable input voltage as shown in Section 2.

The duty cycle of the pulses is de- termined by the timing of the compare signal, which is de- termined by the setting of the front panel amplitude switch- es.

Set the 5 A output to 10 volts on the volt range. Anti-static bags, for storing S. Use a floating DVM only. See schematic diagram A, sheet 1. When used with the A Precision Power Amplifier, the 500a signal meets specification only to kHz. Externally programmed commands may alter any of these three conditions. The calibration procedure in the following six sub- paragraphs thru are for circuits that do not normally require calibration. A typical millivoltmeter has an input resistance of 1 Mf2, in parallel with about 30 pF.

The following paragraphs contain a performance verification fluuke. The Counter output is the same frequency as the other outputs, but in pulse form. Use the following procedure to check the voltage error control: The re- lays’are controlled by ,anual circuits that detect the various combinations of selected voltage and frequency ranges, and Sense and Mode commands. Remove the top outer and inner covers from the instrument. The attenuation of the output signal is accomplished by one of three precision, ratio transformers; Tl, T2 or T3, depending on the selected frequency range.


These accessory items are listed in Table As manua in Figurethe quadrature amplifier output is fed from the Oscillator flkue to the y-input of an analog multiplier U3 contained in the Oscillator Control assembly. Vary the ac differential voltmeter 93 IB dial settings to obtain a precise null.

Full text of “FLUKE A Instruction”

Connect the calibrator to ac power. Remove the inner cover located in the right section as viewed from the top front. The manufacturer will not be responsible for shortages against the packing sheet unless notified immediately. Once the pcb is free from the motherboard lift it out of the instrument compartment.

Record the null meter reading in percent. Overload Test Set the 5200 output to 1 volt on the 1-volt range.

Readout Module View Other frequency ranges should be substantially better in output level manula versus frequency. The reference input is produced as a re- sult manaul front panel amplitude selection, and is described in paragraph The procedure to verify the 20 kHz flike kHz area is described below.

On the 10V range, the Sense signal is attenuated by the primary of the applicable transformer. Locate the input power selection switches shown in Figure Oscillator Control Assembly, A9 Group pins B and C are shown out of sequence on the schematic for clarity, however, they are in sequence on the Motherboard, i.

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The dc output of the rectifier is flukd with a variable reference voltage dc produced by the Reference assembly in accordance with the front panel amplitude se- lection switches. Remove the air filter from the rear of the fan com- partment. Apply a 50 mA load. In the REM position, control is obtained via the programm- ing lines through a rear panel connector.


Do not change the test equipment settings until the 1 mV calibration is complete. After settling it must not have shifted more than allowed in the specifications in Section 1.

The input power cord plug is a three-prong polarized connector which permits connection to any of the flule line voltages described in paragraph Connect an oscilloscope to the J66 connector at the rear of the A.

When either the V or the 10V range is selected, the output signal 5200s applied directly to the flume and the rear attenuator output connectors by relay K1 no attenuation takes place. Refer also to the guard connection information contained in paragraphand the sense connection information contained in paragraph Also affecting the current supplied to the summing junction, is a resistor-switching circuit lower left quadrant of the schematic connected to the junction voltage divider.

Front panel terminals permit connection of the load in several different configurations as shown in Figures 24, and Control of the Oscillator output amplitude starts with detection of the positive slope zero crossings of the oscillator amplifier output by amplifier U1 sheet 2. The function of the Oscillator assembly is to pro- vide a sine wave, 0.

Manuap connector on rear panel. The quadrature and oscillator amplifiers, in conjunction with their frequency, select resistors and fre- quency range select capacitors, form a pair of integrators, each providing a phase shift of 90 degrees; or a total phase shift of degrees. Service and User Manual Pages: For all four relays, section A applies to the quadrature amplifier; section B, to the oscil- lator fluoe.