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A small class to retrieve the MIME Type of any file and/or extension in C# using Windows Registry or a static MIME Type Map for I have even tried FilePathResult and FileStreamResult nothing works public FileResult “must-revalidate”); return File(path, contentType); }. Я заменил столбец FileExtension в моей таблице базы данных столбцом ContentType. Я заполняю его, когда я загружаю файл. Private Sub.

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Как определить тип содержимого файла в .NET?

If it fjlestreamresult then generate the header value based on RFC from its own methods. The Content-Type header is the one that says the browser what kind of file is being returned from the server.

This is an abstract class derived from ActionResult that delegates writing the file in the response to the subclasses. However, there is a major caveat: For example, in the case of image we need the file should be one of the supported image types like jpg, jpeg, png by the server and we may also need validations to check the file size, file name etc.

When the user want to save the file sent to the browser, the server can suggest a filename to the client and the Content-Disposition tilestreamresult is just for that. Item FileExtension2 Else Confenttype.

content-type – Как определить тип содержимого файла в .NET? – Qaru

We can even pass a file download name to the FilePathResult. The POSTed file s are available as parameters directly in actions through model binding. Instead of doing it manually it would be great if you could do that using data annotation attributes and for that we have to use view models. How to upload a file?


Uploading and returning files in MVC

Net 10 is a little nicer The model binding feature relies on two types of components binders and value providers. Still, I’d choose a dictionary, because it will provide me with a little more flexibility than a switch statement, and I can fill it with external data, maybe coming from a configuration or database.

It looks like you still have the filename when you go to set the content type. To understand how it generates the header see the source code. Finally we have to replace the action parameter from HttpPostedFileBase to UploadFileModel and the validations will happen automatically when the binding happens.

I dont know what language are you using but this is in vb. File action-results class diagram.

Learn how your comment data is processed. By using our site, you acknowledge that filestreamreult have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. This isn’t reliable enough for anything that’s going to go through pen testing.

Uploading and returning files in an ASP. Add a string resource to you project that contains the list. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Note that the validation attributes applied over the File property are custom ones and not exists in the data annotations assembly.

My WPF application gets a file from the user with Microsoft. We discussed about the different types of file action results that helps to return files from the server and even we created a custom file action result that returns a file from string.

StriplingWarrior, or keep a single static dictionary. It doesn’t check the magic bytes.

Get a File Content-Type / MIME-type from file extension in ASP.NET C#

The important thing is the name of the file input controls should match the rules of model binding. There is a MimeMapping class in. November 5, November 5, So uploading a single file and reading it from the server is quite easy, all we need is to set the HttpPostedFileBase type as a parameter in the corresponding action method. November 14, November 14, Lets create a view model that wraps HttpPostedFileBase as a property which is decorated with data annotation attributes.