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Phoebe finds herself drawn to Mallory, the strange and secretive new girl at school. Soon the two become as close as sisters until Mallory’s magnetic older. Phoebe Rothschild—yes, of those Rothschilds—dumps her toxic friends for new girl Mallory in seventh grade. Nancy Werlin’s Extraordinary is, at varying points, a fantasy, coming-of-age tale, mystery, thriller and family saga, and I spent some parts of the.

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Could I please kill everybody in this book? There are hardly any interactions for us to see. This has to be the oddest book I’ve read all year. All this stuff works well with the addition of a Faerie bargain. The title itself has everything to do with the story. Worth a read, especially for fans of young adult fantasy and contemporary fiction with that touch of magic to make it all more interesting.

You know what I’m talking about: Aug 29, mari rated it it was ok Shelves: Oh you have everything right, why can’t you just SEE it?!

I think that everyone is o At first I didn’t really have high expectations for this book because many other people didn’t seem to like it, but I disagree with them.

She’s a Rothschild, a family filled with extraordinary individuals. Can we enjoy this while hoping future fantastic outings share the taut construction of The Killer’s CousinDouble Helix and The Rules of Survival ? Phoebe befriends the odd girl named Mallory.


Unfortunately, Extraordinary fails to be an extraordinary novel. Stay in Touch Sign up.

What was with all the incomplete sentences and the repeating of words extraordinaty phrases?! I remember feeling enthralled by Werlin’s Impossibleand I’d hoped this book would give me the same feeling. Mar 21, Brooke rated it really liked it. You’ve read the synopsis, right?

Then, out of the blue, Mallory’s brother the one she’s never mentioned has shown up. Whatever the case may be, I am looking forward to reading more novels by this author as I love her writing style extgaordinary can’t wait to see what else she can do.

I would imagine it is extremely difficult for an author to write a book following great success from their extraordinry work. Yo brother cool story. I just finished it so thinking about it still.

Feb 02, J. At the end of the day, “Extraordinary” is the story of one average girl’s journey to discovering that she is–gasp! Her reasoning is that of an adult or at the very least a high schooler, not a child.

Extraordinary (Impossible #2) by Nancy Werlin

Sep 07, Stephanie rated it liked it. I haven’t read anything else from this author so I can’t attest to whether this is normal for her or not.

In any case I liked the message of the book and the story wasn’t half bad so it’s a three star for me. That Inevitable Victorian Thing. This is the story of the Rothschild family- Mayer to be precise, all of this stems nxncy his meetings with the Fairy Queen.


She trusts them wholeheartedly. Ashes in the Snow Movie Tie-In. They want Phoebe to be that sacrifice. I specifically remember my reaction over it. Don’t get me wrong, there were parts I absolutely loved, and I think there are going to be a lot of people, many of them teen girls, who are going to connect with this book. Usually our herione is wanting to become a fairy or enter their world or something nnancy that, but this one is sooo different. Phoebe’s ancestors were so “extraordinary” but she’s so “ordinary” oh no!

We finally get to see what the whole thing was about. Nancy Werlin’s “Impossible”–another modern fairy tale–was actually pretty good.


Again, Mallory and Phoebe’s relationship–and a cool backstory involving real-life figure Mayer Rothschild–is really the best part of the book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Sorry I don’t actually know WHO you are I hate that spelling of fairy, by the way. There was a problem adding your email address. Issues of healthy friendships and healthy relationships were also woven throughout the nsncy. I think that was more from how parts were revealed, or how much they were or were not dealt with.