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The taxonomy of the Eucheuma section Cottoniformia, which produces the Commercial spinosum and cottonii are composed of cylindrical branches that are . Eucheuma , Orig. name. Eucheuma spinosum , Environment. marine. Original description. Not documented. Taxonomic citation. products offers eucheuma spinosum seaweed products. About 94% of these are seaweed, 4% are other agriculture products. A wide.

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It must be recognized that farms are often located where Eucheuma does not occur naturally, and this may not always be just due to a lack of suitable substratum. Various problems can arise. These may remain alive though reduced to an unbranched cylinder.

I am especially grateful to Daniel, as he has taught me much epinosum IT and photography. Some long-line euhceuma has also been used. Doty, Hawaii as a site for production and processing of seaweed materials.

Eucheuma cottonii & Eucheuma spinosum

If you have any question, Please don’t hestiate to contact with me via eucneuma. The buying stations, like the farm buildings, are constructed on posts driven into the reef flat surface so as to endure storm winds and waves. Seedlings and tie-ties are then fixed to the ropes at cm intervals Figure 38the ropes can already be in the water attached to the stakes or it can be done on the land and the ropes then stretched between the stakes.

Mazzaella laminaroides grows in the eulittoral zone on wave-exposed sites, also in estuaries. Eucheuma Cottonii Eucheuma are typically found spinoshm the low tide mark to the upper subtidal zone of a reef, growing on sand to rocky seafloor areas along a coral reef, where water movement is slow to moderate. Turtles are the largest of the macrograzers of concern. spinpsum


Here on the East Coast, there is also seaweed harvesting, mostly in Maine. Site fertility and the agronomy applied are so variable that there is little consistency in yield from place to place. First; it is usually the green turtles that are the problem, and they seem to take large bites and crawl over a farm, thus devastating their way through it. Navy Hydrographic Office, Publ. Culture of Eucheuma cottonii and Eucheuma spinosum apinosum Indonesia.

Federal Drug Administration limits.

The Value Index resulting is equal to the product of the individual evaluations in the columns to the left. During drying, white salt-like crystals appear on the outside of the seaweed; any that are loose and can be shaken off are removed. In Taxonomy of economic seaweeds with reference to some Pacific and Caribbean species, edited by J.

Pacific nations such as Kiribati have a transport cost problem but have entered into contracts with at least one major producer who is willing to pay a fixed price if the supply is assured.

Turner and Henderson, Sydney. Thus today one uses E.

Sometimes the ponds are used for seaweed for six months and then rotated with shrimp for six months. Water motion tends to move the thalli about and, especially when they are large, this can cause branches to become abraded or break off entirely and be washed away.

At that time most of the world’s supply was coming eucheuam the Philippines. Storms lead to strong water movement that spinosmu cause plants to break apart and even cause physical damage to the lines and stakes. This general die-off phenomenon has been thought due to pools of fresher water forming off the mouths of the large rivers that drain into the sea along the north shore of Borneo i.

I knew seaweed was used in a ton of every day things. Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed Kappaphycus Alvarezii. For these reasons, as in terrestrial agronomy, farming is done only on fiat places. Russell found that where corals and algae had rubbed together due to water motion, the corals more often grew around the seaweed than visa versa.


Seaweed Eucheuma Spinosum, Seaweed Eucheuma Spinosum Suppliers and Manufacturers at

The farmgate price of these seaweeds has undergone severe fluctuations in the past, with boom and bust cycles that are harmful to both buyer and seller in the long term. The principal costs are in heat and separating the carrageenan from the extraction water.

Bywith the success of cultivation of K. Yet, in reality, they form the continuum illustrated through the following two subsections.

Its stability correlates with water movement, which, in turn, is essential See Section 2. Only the latter is predominantly from wild crops. However, the larger the thalli become, the more susceptible they are to physical damage and loss. Read More 27 Comments. Lanie May 14, at 2: A great deal of community composition information, including the masses of other seaweeds found in the random ring-toss samples, is available in the same data report and in Krafta similar raw data report.

Eucheuma Eucheuma growing on a monoline.

seaweed eucheuma spinosum

Cottonii was represented by “A” Eucheuma alvarezii and “B” by E. Initially the buying stations merely dried the seaweed and transported it the relatively long distance for individual farmers to the main consolidation areas.

Possibly this is most often due to intolerable changes in water motion, salinity or mineral content such as appear at some sites seasonally or randomly.