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The Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, or the Against-One is the most famous work of Étienne Original title, Discours de la servitude volontaire ou le Contr’un Étienne de La Boétie was one of the first to theorize and propose the strategy of. Discours de la servitude volontaire | Etienne de La Boetie | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Ce livre est parfaitement mis en page pour une lecture sur Kindle. Le Discours de la servitude volontaire est un ouvrage rédigé en par Étienne de La.

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I see no good in having several lords; Let one alone be master, let one alone be king. He noticed that in the house of Sylla, in the dictator’s presence or at his command, some men were imprisoned and others sentenced; one was banished, another was strangled; one demanded the goods of another citizen, another his head; in short, all went there, not as to the house of a city magistrate but as to the people’s tyrant, and this was therefore not a court of justice, but rather a resort of tyranny.

Tyrants are well aware of this, and, in order to degrade their subjects further, encourage them to assume this attitude and make it instinctive. Among free men there is competition as to who will do most, each for the common good, each by himself, all expecting to share in the misfortunes of defeat, or in the benefits of victory; but an enslaved people loses in addition to this warlike courage, all signs of enthusiasm, for their hearts are degraded, submissive, and incapable of any great deed.

Le dictionnaire comme discours sur la chose et discours sur le signe. Shall we call subjection to such a leader cowardice?

Which men do you think would march more gallantly to combat — those who anticipate as a reward for their suffering the maintenance of their freedom, or those who cannot expect any other prize for the blows exchanged than the enslavement of others? Can volomtaire be called a happy life?

Discours de la Servitude Volontaire

Les Figures de la Coutume: Want to Read saving…. What was it but the fact that in those glorious days this struggle represented not so much a fight of Greeks against Persians as a victory of liberty over domination, of freedom over greed? Craig Walton – – Philosophy in Review 19 6: The other side has nothing to inspire it with courage except the weak urge of greed, which fades before danger and which can never be so keen, it seems to me, that it will not be dismayed by the least drop of blood from wounds.

This is the practice among notorious robbers and famous pirates: What vice is it, or, rather, what degradation? The kings of the Assyrians and even after them those of the Medes showed themselves in public as seldom as possible in order to set up a doubt in the minds of the rabble as to whether they were not in some way more than man, and thereby to encourage people to use their imagination for those things which they cannot judge by sight.


Montaigne tells us it was composed ina date he later changed to It seems to be instead a serious contemplation of man’s relation to government, which fact makes it indeed the living document it is today and ever will be. Then, suddenly, he adds: It was circulated among friends at the University of Toulouse and copies of it were presumably made.

They piled up the seats of the Forum for the great fire that reduced his body to ashes, and later raised a column to him as to “The Father of His People.

Then they will realize clearly that the townspeople, the peasants whom they trample under foot and treat worse than convicts or slaves, they will realize, I say, that these people, mistreated as they may be, are nevertheless, in comparison with themselves, seervitude off and fairly free.

What could he do to you if you yourselves did not connive with the thief who plunders volontaie, if you were not accomplices of the murderer who kills you, if you were not traitors to yourselves? Doctors are no doubt correct in warning us not to touch incurable wounds; and I am presumably taking chances in preaching as I do to srrvitude people which has long lost all volontaird and, no longer conscious of its infirmity, is plainly suffering from mortal illness.

Some of his battles: This book eiscours full of fine and serious remonstrances, which in my opinion are as persuasive as words can be. Why in the world do people agree to be looted and otherwise oppressed by government overlords?

Race Et Etat Vrin. Men are like handsome race horses who first bite the bit and later like it, and rearing under the saddle a while soon learn to enjoy displaying their harness and prance proudly beneath their trappings. Like him we learn to swallow, and not to find bitter, the venom of servitude. Hippocrates answered frankly that it would be a weight on his conscience to make use of his science for the cure of barbarians who wished to slay his fellow Greeks, or to serve faithfully by his skill anyone who undertook to enslave Greece.

Noha rated it did sdrvitude like it May 01, Denis and had a red background, dotted with stars surrounding a flaming sun. Quotes from Discours de la se If two, if three, if four, do not defend themselves from the one, we might call that circumstance surprising but nevertheless conceivable. In such a case one might be justified in suspecting a lack of courage. Darius, the father of Xerxes, had made a similar incursion into Volohtaire but was stopped at Marathon.


Discours de la servitude volontaire by Étienne de La Boétie (1 star ratings)

Guigas rated it did not like it May 05, Servotude a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Return to Book Page.

Certainly not because I believe that the land or the region has anything to do with it, for in any place and in any climate subjection is bitter and to be free is pleasant; but merely because I am of the opinion that one should pity those who, at birth, arrive with the yoke upon their necks.

I understand that in his territory there are few educated people, for he does not want many.

Livre:La Boétie – Discours de la servitude volontaire.djvu

And in places where the wicked gather servtude is conspiracy only, not companionship: In this way, it would seem that the mildest and most just of men has become through one inspired voetie an instigator of revolution, a role that has been the historic mission of other humble spirits dedicated to peace. And displaying thus his vainglory he assumed An honor which undeniably belongs to the gods alone. His reputation as a scholar procured for him at graduation, although he was under age, appointment as a judge attached to the court of Bordeaux.

King Clovisof whom many tales are told, was baptized after the miracle of Tolbiac and founded the Merovingian dynasty. Because of the place and family of his origin and because he and Sylla were close relatives, the door was never closed to him. It is small wonder then that Montaigne will add to his immortal essay, some twenty-five years after the death of his friend, his sad but beautiful conclusion to the ineffable nature of their friendship: We found we were so captivated, so revealed to each other, so drawn together, that nothing ever since has been closer than one to the other.

Friendship of Two Men. He established in it brothels, taverns, and public games, and issued the proclamation that the inhabitants were to enjoy them. Would one not rather conclude that upon leaving a city of men he had chanced upon a menagerie of beasts? One never pines for what he has never known; longing comes only after enjoyment and constitutes, amidst the experience of sorrow, the memory of past joy.

The Grand Turk was well aware that books and teaching more than anything else give men the sense to comprehend their own nature and to detest tyranny.