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4 set. WILTON DE O. BUSSABPEDRO A. MORETTIN ESTATÍSTICA BÁSICA www. Pedro A. MorettinWilton de O. Bussab 6 a. View Homework Help – Estatística Básica – Morettin e Bussab from ESTATÍSTI at UFF. Estatistica Basica · Calculo · Analise de Series Temporais · Econometria Financeira · Introducao ao Calculo · Ondas e Ondaletas · Wavelets in Functional Data.

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Given these considerations in relation to normality, it can be inferred that the data from these variables provide credibility to the scaling of the sample size study. Green manure brings numerous benefits that promote essentially the maintenance and conservation of agro-systems, and its implementation is fundamental to Brazilian Cerrado region.

Thus, the objective of this research was to determine the sample size to estimate biomass and morettij of C. The spacing used was 0. At maturation, 45 plants were randomly selected in the experimental area of each crop to determine fresh mass, dry mass and productivity.

BUSSAB E MORETTIN Estatística Básica 6a Edição ( 1)

Variables bqsica in C. Moreover, this is a crop that can be considered for family farms because of its high seed production and high prices in the market. It is important to mention that given the observed results, the jack bean provides greater dry mass production and consequently greater soil cover in relation to D. Measures of central tendency, variability, asymmetry and kurtosis were calculated and normality of the variables under study was checked by the Lilliefors test. Although the data can produce reliable results in a given study, it is important to determine the sample size in order to estimate the average of each variable, with high confidence and a given estimation error.

Estatística Básica, 6ª Ed Morettin e Bussab

According to Teodoro et al. In agricultural systems in areas of Cerrado are used intercropped with maize and perennial crops, because tolerates partial shade Carvalho and Amabile, Densidades de semeadura de leguminosas na melhoria da qualidade do solo e na produtividade do milho. However, according to the central limit theorem, even if the basic population is not normal, the distribution of the sample mean will be approximately normal for samples greater than 30 observations Fonseca and Martins, ; Bussab and Morettin, Among the various botanical families species that can be grown as green manures, stand out those of the Fabaceae family.


Data were extrapolated to t ha -1and measures of central tendency, variability, asymmetry and kurtosis were calculated and normality of the variables under study was checked by Lilliefors test Campos, In this scenario, the present research aimed to determine the sample size for the estimation of biomass and productivity expected values of Canavalia ensiformis and Dolichos lablab.

The Cerrado occupation has occurred quickly, based on intensive production systems, which have increased the processes of soil degradation Silva et al. In the Cerrado of Central Brazil is sown until the end of the rainy season, because of drought resistance and little sensitivity to photoperiod Calegari et al.

Embrapa Cerrados, 28 p. Tamanho da amostra para estimativa da biomassa e produtividade de Canavalia ensiformis e Dolichos lablab. Among the desirable characteristics for selection esyatistica species for green manure, stands out mainly dry mass production, because it is related to the capacity to increase nutrient by symbiosis with microorganisms, soil cover and recycling of nutrients Chaves and Calegari, These results confirm the variability among the variables and among green manure species, corroborating the results obtained by Cargnelutti Bassica et al.

Conclusions Canavalia ensiformi showed significant higher values for the mean fresh mass production, dry mass and productivity in relation to Dolichos lablabbeing recommended for cultivation in Brazilian Cerrado. However, other factors must be analyzed for planning experiments with these green manures, such as seed germination, plant density, spacing to be used and type of harvesting and basjca manual or mechanical.


The legumes, in addition to providing similar benefits to other species, have the ability to accumulate N through biological fixation Silva et al. From a practical standpoint, it can bussab inferred that it is difficult to obtain average estimates of the variables evaluated in C.

Porto Alegre, Bookman, p.

Analyzing the variation coefficient of both green manures verifies a superior magnitude of fresh and basiica masses and productivity, suggesting the need of higher sample sizes for the estimation of the fresh and dry mass relative to average productivity. Results and Discussion The calculation of central tendency, variability, asymmetry, kurtosis and Lilliefors test relatively to morphological variables fresh mass, dry mass and C.

Introduction The Cerrado occupation has occurred quickly, based on intensive production systems, which have increased the processes morettin soil degradation Silva et al. These results showed lower magnitude than those observed by Melo that in evaluating the fresh and dry mass production in different green manures did not identify statistical difference in the C.

Estatística Básica – Morettin e Bussab | Rodolfo Nunes –

These processes result in impacts that often generate the inefficiency of agricultural systems, with frequent need for interventions through conservation practices to maintain the productive potential of the soil. The sample size is directly proportional to the variability of the variables under study and to the desired confidence degree in the estimate and inversely proportional to the estimation error allowed, initially established by the researcher Estatistiica et al.

In this context, green manure becomes fundamental to the Cerrado region, because it promotes protection, improvement and maintenance of soil buxsab, as well as substantial increases in soil organic matter and nutrients, benefiting agroecosystems Carvalho et al.