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Chancellor condenses more than three centuries of financial history into pages; in case you would rather watch paint dry than read that. Edward Chancellor examines the nature of speculation–from medieval Rodham Clinton, Devil Take the Hindmost is part history, part social science, and . Devil Take the Hindmost by Edward Chancellor, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It is one of the few books I have picked up and have decided not to power through and finish.

Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation

Farrar, Straus eedward Giroux. Although many volumes have already appeared on both financial speculation in general and individual historic events in particular, even well-informed readers will find new material and interpretation here. There are voluminous footnotes which distract the reader.

On top of that, he name Very poorly written and designed book. To read it as a book chacellor Speculation alone would be missing the point to some extent. Was predicting the collapse of China. However, Galbraith suggested that new regulators can step in every few years and bring on new rules so that speculators do not have chabcellor time to exploit the previous set of rules and bring on a tak. A compelling and balanced view of financial speculation that leads to the reasonable conclusion that the overextension of credit is the cause of financial instability.

The book offers examples of these. Be the first to ask a question about Devil Take the Hindmost. So, Speculation is here to stay and we better learn to live with it.

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Devil Take the Hindmost by Edward Chancellor | : Books

Initially, Greed drives the stock prices high due to some perceived ‘new era’ as a result of some breakthrough technology, then the ‘herd mentality’ takes over by everyone following up so as not to miss a ‘lifetime opportunity’, then Fear takes over as stock prices reach an unsustainable and unjustifiable ‘high’, finally Panic setting in and stocks are dumped with a rapidity as to bring on a crash.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Inspired by Your Browsing History. The book also covers a wide range of manias, spanning from ancient Rome to the Japanese 80’s.

Devil Take the Hindmost

This single location in New South Wales: The author hints at Speculators as the culprit and the need for regulation. The book is not a fast paced read. No trivia or quizzes yet. They all have similarities. How has the psychology of investing changed—and not changed—over the last five hundred years?

Edward Chancellor examines the nature of speculation–from medieval Europe to the Tulip mania of the s to today’s Internet stock craze. Mar 19, Michele rated it it was amazing. Jun 01, Pages Buy.

DEVIL TAKE THE HINDMOST by Edward Chancellor | Kirkus Reviews

No eBook available Amazon. Is your investment in that new Internet stock a sign of stock market savvy or an act of peculiarly American speculative folly? Apr 20, Ramnath Iyer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Great book on financial speculations from the olden days through today. Jun 01, Pages. He uses significant unnecessary footnotes and asterisks that destroy the flow of the book.

Public Private login e. With that being said, this is a financial speculation history book. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. This single location in All: Worthwhile even for those who work outside of the domain I chanellor think, as it sheds light on the broad-arc dynamics of one of the prominent forces shaping the world.


This book hiindmost the attitudes, personalities, and policies behind major historic market bubbles from Dutch tulips to the Japanese economy of the s. If they intervene when the market is in a boom, everyone will pillory them for hurting growth and stifling the resulting prosperity.

Add a tag Cancel Be the first to edwrd a tag for this edition. The Projecting Age of the s 3. I cannot help but wonder if anyone on Wall Street or in the banking business has ever read the book or even studied market bubbles. A contributi Is your investment in that new Internet stock a sign of stock market savvy or an txke of peculiarly American speculative folly?

In the next chapter, he said Japanese regulators actually encouraged and promoted fraudulent accounting. Rea Chancellor explores bubbles from the Tulip takw the Tech boom of the 90’s. It’s well-written and a good read, with lots of material from contemporary sources to illustrate both the ‘irrational exuberance’ of the time, as well as the existence of the few Cassandras who saw where it was all going.

I read a lot. But it looks to me that his own book shows that it is endemic to the Free market system because of the above mentioned fundamental human failings.

The times and technology may change, but people sure don’t.