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You’ll be fine to start with Galactic Patrol, and in fact if you start with Triplanetary ( as I did, many years ago) you’ll get confused when you get to. First Lensman E. E. Smith downloads; Triplanetary E. E. Smith downloads · The Skylark of Space E. E. Smith and Lee Hawkins Garby downloads. by. “DOC” SMITH. The Lensman series. TRIPLANETARY FIRST LENSMAN GALACTIC PATROL GRAY LENSMAN SECOND STAGE LENSMAN CHILDREN OF.

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Lensman Series

All of this makes for an agitating read full of overstimulus, like overdosing on cocaine or deciding, against all better judgement, that you should take the plunge off the 3 story tall water slide only to find that it wasn’t such a good idea just as your butt clears the drop.

I loved the idea of the galactic power struggle. The actual sequence for “reading” the series should start with Triplanetary and move straight through to Masters of the Vortex.

It appeared as a book infrom the short-lived Fantasy Press, part of a small but important wave of reprinting magazine science fiction, mainly by fan-based publishers. They’re dropped into the story in love, and it runs in circles from there. But at the end of the day, it’s not j I had heard that this series had dated badly but didn’t think that would be a problem for me but I think for once it was.

Smith’s writing another chance, and I’m considering starting with the third book, Galactic Patrolas it was the first one written. In the magazine versions, the reader gradually became aware along with the protagonist of a greater struggle secretly going on behind the scenes, so the series had the impact of a long mystery, not finally resolved until the last installment of the last novel.

The action escalates so highly and so quickly that the reader becomes desensitized. One man against the basic energy of the universe, unleashed in ravening fury that was Storm Cloud. The peaceful Arisians have foregone physical skills in order to develop contemplative mental power. The space-pirates of Boskone raided at will, menacing the whole structure of interstellar civilization. I read this because the third book in the series was nominated for the Retro Hugo award.


I’m not sure how this novel was constructed, but it feels piecemeal. This introduction pretty much spoils the entire Arisia-Boskone-Eddore backstory that’s gradually unfolded through the main series. Three additional Lensmen novels that feature the alien Lemsman Lensmen known as the Second-Stage Lensman Trilogy were written by David Kylepublished in paperback between and and reissued in Yet even were it all seemless, the stories themselves are no great shakes.

Triplanetary was published inwith revisions by Smith to make it a prequel to the Lensman series, but was originally serialized in Amazing Stories magazine in He failed then, but the books somehow remained with me, always hovering at the edge of my consciousness. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. And maybe that’s my problem. Reading them again, I found that the clunky writing, the cardboard characters, the outdated social mores, the bad science – everything that should make me drop this book like a venomous snake – oensman just charming.

Lensman series – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: Plausibility was no constraint on the story telling. I won’t be reading any more of E. Kim Kinnison, Number One man of his time, had faced challenges before – but rarely one as daunting as this. For the full length novel, see the link below. And I don’t much. Did I finish this? If you like Heinlein’s military stuff e.

At one point, the hero manages to create a toxic gas the aforementioned fictional “Vee-Two” capable of wiping out entire cities from the random stuff in his prison cell. Sign up using Email and Password. I am personally a fan of approach 2.

Shelve Second Stage Lensmen. Triplanetary – you can “skim” the history if you must, as long as you get the underlying story of Atlantis and the lensmna other characters in play throughout human history opposing civilization as he describes it. Yet even were it all see Supposedly the granddaddy of all space opera, I was steered onto EE Doc’s series hoping to do find the great opus that inspired everything from Babylon 5 to the Green Lantern.

Exaggerated spectacle is a thing that has to be conserved for it to have an impact, but here Doc Smith serie it across his pages like it’s going out of style.

Masters of the Vortex by E. Like many concepts in the book world, “series” is a somewhat fluid and contested notion. Triplanetary was also a surprise because this pre-Korean Conflict novel presents an interesting perspective on the early atomic age.


It’s not bad, especially a book or two into the series. Using the Lens as a means to test mental qualities and identify individuals able to help him, Virgil Samms visits races and species in other star systems, recruiting the best of them and forming the nucleus of a Galactic Patrol. Open Preview See a Problem? The aliens were surprisingly well-thought-out. It cannot be worn by anyone other than its owner, will kill any other wearer, and even a brief touch is extremely painful.

Volume 2 contains the last 3 books lenwman The Lensmen… More. And because it’s laughable, I kind of enjoy the campiness of it all. Dominance over these life forms would offer the Eddorians an opportunity to satisfy their lust for power and control.

The swamping of Atlantis, the fall of Rome, the wars that rack the world and blaze through space – all may seem historical accidents to the men involved, but each in reality is a move in a savage universe-wide power struggle I think lensmaan was the combining Lovecraftian and Cold War elements into the same novel. Gray Lensman by Edward E.

Lensman Series by E.E. “Doc” Smith

The Arisians remove themselves from the Cosmos in order to leave the Children of the Lens uninhibited in their d as the new guardians of Civilization. I am kind of surprised that so many people took this theory seriously, since Laplace had given good reasons for doubting it over a century lens,an but there were technical problems with Laplace’s theory, which meant that it was temporarily out of favor. Think of Triplanetary and First Lensman as secret history lessons taught by the Arisians to the Children of the Lens as they grow up.

But I don’t take seriex as seriously as it takes itself. The universe has no life-forms aside from the ancient Arisians, and few planets besides the Arisians’ native world. Yes, the characters are a bit “stock”, but the plotting is extraordinarily imaginative, the writing style fluid and propulsive.