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PDF | On Jan 1, , D. Sandu and others published Dezvoltare comunitară și regională. Authors and Editors. Dumitru Sandu at University of Bucharest. PDF | On Jan 1, , Dumitru Sandu and others published Practica dezvoltarii comunitare, PDF | On Jan 1, , Dumitru Sandu and others published Practica reflexiva in dezvoltarea comunitara.

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The study presents the first results of a first community census on temporary externai migration of rural population from Romania. Communist Romania and Way of life and fertility. Indicele are valori calculate pentru toate comunele si orasele tarii la nivelul anului Communities of practice and Shaping votes by diasporas.

These fields are practically the basic grid to understanding that ways of being networks and ways of belonging develop not in a container national space but in transnational interactions involving multiple regions here and there. The theoretical frame is built by reference to the concepts of life strategy, human, social, economic and community capital and Cercetare, practica, ideologie, more.

Intelegerea miscarilor sociale din Romania, ianuarie interviu more.

Baze de date/ Data Basis

The interview was focused on the administrative decentralisation by structuring an intermediate regional level between central government and county administration. Noul indice poate fii utilizat si pentru stratificarea localitatilor in functie de nivelul de dezvoltare in esantioanele nationale.

Survey microdata from the EUCROSS and the Eurobarometer and national census data from Romania at county level support each other in creating a coherent image of a country that is connected to Europe and North-America by complex transnational fields. Indicele dezvoltarii umane locale Local human development index.

Impli-cations for migration and regional development policies are derived from the analysis.


Regional development and Regional total capital. Avantajul acestuia rezida in faptul ca este aplicabil si pentru comune si pentru orase.

Dumitru Sandu (Author of Spatiul Social Al Tranzitiei)

The hypothesis of socio-territorial types of transition was initially formulated as an instrument for interpreting a path analysis of the migration intentions in Romania Sandu, De Jong, Romanian StudiesTransitionand Sociology of elites. I gave the interview as a public sociology reading of the determinants of the failed tentative from Housing Sociology in times of change. Deoarece primii trei indicatori sunt relevanti pentru capitalul uman, masura a fost prezentata si ca indice al dezvoltarii umane locale local human development index LHDI.

Expertise public debate on the topic could help or correct decision makers.

Dumitru Sandu | University of Bucharest –

Avatarurile nemultumirii sociale in Romania anilormore. However, while for Moroccans, working women differ significantly from men in terms of demographic characteristics, Romanian women and men have similar demographic characteristics and comparable levels of labor force participation, but differ in terms of wage levels. Romanian Journal of Sociology. The Romanian version of the Atlas is available at: As a function of their neighbouring and historical region location, the departments are comunitra in intraregional similar nuclei and interregional “bridges of similitude”.

Modernizarea Romaniei, fara diaspora, e imposibila, more.

Romanian StudiesMigration Studiesand Transnational migration. The presentation introduces key features of the Romania-Italy migration field in a comparative perspective on the basis of microlevel and aggregated census and survey data. Migratia fortei de munca din agricultura, more.

Lifestyle motivations are, usually, associated with job, personal problems and personal networks. Romania rural-neagricola azi, more. Niram Art, more. This was done with the occasion of analysing Eurobarometer data from to In the present study we are trying to pass from a simple interpretative hypothesis to its eandu and specification. Pentru cei care nu lucreaza in spss am inclus si o varianta a fisierului in excell, cu sate am eliminat satele pentru care nu am avut dateele necesare in calcularea dezvolare de dezvoltare a satului – ATSRsate.


This typology is not adequate for the departments from Muntenia and Oltenia as a consequence of the unusual great influence the capital city of Bucharest is exerciting over these two regions. Three hypotheses are formulated on: The answer is provided by considering the multiple relations between the opinion on the perceived directions of change in Romania, on the one hand, and a large set of predictors referring to public agenda, trust in institutions, status variables and regional location within the country.

These are well structured by the line forces of temporary migration abroad, transnational networks and habitus, and by migration experiences.

Similar, ariile sociale pot fi folosite drept criteriu de stratificare in constructia esantioanelor.

Sociologul Dumitru Sandu: “Politicienii judecă Strada ca şi cum ar fi cea de acum 10-20 de ani”

Noile diaspore romanesti intre aici si acolo, more. Temporary emigration is hardly marked by positive selectivityrural Vs urban differentiation and variability function of the migration waves. Aplicarea ei a fost facuta cu date ale recensamintelor din si The originality of the sezvoltare lies in conceptualising the experiences and motivations of migration as a variable nexus during Social Assessment for Rural Development Project.