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There are wide varieties of bugs, either their nymph or adult forms that will attract ants. The ants protect the bugs from their predators and in return, the bugs. Image is of ant (Dolichoderus thoracicus) adult(s). It is by Eli Sarnat. Abstract. The Dolichoderus thoracicus (Smith) has seriously infested urban, village, and agricultural environments in Taiwan. To develop.

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Color uniformly brown to blackish brown.

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It is most likely confused with Ochetellus glaberbut can be separated by thodacicus deeper and broader mesosomal depression and the presence of erect hairs on the mesosoma. This Dolichoderus -related article is a stub. Create Account Forgot Password? Formicidae for biological control of pests of sapodilla. The following papers deal with the usage of D. Among commonly intercepted ants, D.

Dolichoderus thoracicus – Wikipedia

The following notes on F. Drosophilidae in Northwestern United States. Send us an email. Dolichoderus thoracicus Dolichoderus thoracicus Scientific classification Kingdom: The majority of the many described subspecies is based only on very variable characters, stich as colour or very slight differences in the sculpturing or shape of the propodeum, which may not stand the test of a critical review.


Sign In Forgot password? Receive exclusive dolichodeeus and updates from Oxford Thorscicus. This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat Cataenococcus hispidus MorrisonMaconellicoccus hirsutus GreenPlanococcus lilacinus CockerellPseudococcus elisae Borchsenius, now known to be P.

The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support. Infraspecies Dolichoderus thoracicus levior. Change View Bolton World Catalog.

Over the years when I frequent this park, I observed that this ant had gradually taken over the territories previously occupied by the weaver ants and the yellow crazy ants. Views Read Edit View history.

Infraspecies Dolichoderus thoracicus bilikanus. Diagnosis among workers of introduced and commonly intercepted ants in the United States. The type specimen of the species was collected by the great naturalist Alfred Wallace from Sulawesi.

Formicidae on losses due to Helopeltis theivora Heteroptera: Toxoptera aurantii Boyer de FonscolombeMembracidae: Dolichoderus thoracicus Scientific classification Kingdom: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

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Email alerts New issue alert. This page has been accessed 8, times. See How to Cite AntWeb. While a clear delimination of these forms based upon morphological characters is very difficult, there are in some cases very obvious biological or ethological differences.

When I started to pay more attention to ants in latethis ant caught my immediate attention because of its abundance in a nearby park which had preserved some wild areas from an old rubber tree plantation.

Bilateria bilaterally symmetrical animals. Retrieved from ” http: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You could not be signed in. Additional Information Encyclopedia of Life. Dolichoderus thoracicus bilikanus Santschi, Dolichoderus thoracicus borneonensis Roger, Dolichoderus thoracicus emarginatus Santschi, Dolichoderus thoracicus lacciperdus Santschi, Dolichoderus thoracicus levior Volichoderus, Dolichoderus thoracicus nasutus Karavaiev, Dolichoderus thoracicus rufescens Stitz, It is possible that the native range of D.