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The Dogon are an African tribe thought to be from the Sirius star system. Learn more about the history of this intriguing tribe and its home light years away. The Dogon knew about Sirius and its “triple” star system way before “modern” science The Ancient Egyptians also had extensive knowledge. Sirius and the Dogon. A Dogon Granary (courtesy Lecane). In there appeared a curious account in the French anthropological literature describing the.

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Reflections on the Romance of Science reprint ed. Furthermore, the history of a deity or deities presenting gifts to humanity is very old and widespread.

What is cogon truth? Mysteries of the World Scientific Anomalies.

For the most part astronomers didn’t read the French anthropological literature and anthologists did not recognize the unique astronomical signature of the information. Polygynous marriages are allowed in the Dogon culture. It should be recalled in this regard that humanity’s first skrius most likely was drawing with a finger or a stick on the ground, dating back many thousands of years.

Murdock concerning the myth of Jesus Christ is certainly both valuable and worthy of consideration. It is bluish in color.

The Egyptian Goddess Isis, who is sometimes depicted as a mermaid, is also linked with the star Sirius. The Sirige mask is a tall mask that is used in funerals for only the men who were alive during the holding of the Sigui ceremony see below Davis, The Dogon, after all, have lived for centuries near a major West African trade node that hosted markets and trans-Saharan caravan traffic.


Archived from the original on 15 February He wears white clothes and nobody is allowed to touch him. Thank you ever so for you article.

Oxford University Press, The question maybe settled as larger and more powerful telescopes take a look at the Sirius system. The expedition, led by Henri Deslandresstayed in the field for five weeks and it is reasonable that during this time many contacts with the locals took place, and that relatively modern astronomical knowledge was then transferred.

Adding numbers is hard stuff!

The Dogon, the Nommos and the Mystery of Sirius B

In a critique, skeptic Ian Ridpath concluded: Civilization, Ancient — Extraterrestrial influences. For example, it was stated that Sirius was orbited by a tiny star dogom in an elliptical path with a period of 50 years. I find it undeniable that The former study also concluded that while a triple system for Sirius could not be fully eliminated, the probability dogob low. Temple wrote a book called The Sirius Mystery arguing that the Dogon’s system reveals precise knowledge of cosmological facts known only by the development of modern astronomy, since they appear to know, from Griaule and Dieterlen’s account, siriks Sirius is part of a binary star system, whose second star, Sirius B, a white dwarfis however completely invisible to the human eye just as Digitaria has the smallest grain known to the Dogon and that it takes 50 years to complete its orbit.

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Also, Dogon astronomy and cosmology contain much that is at odds with the facts. The Anthropology of Health and Healing. D’s who sogon come close to the scholarship in Who Was Jesus? Or is this just another strange coincidence? Signs of other contacts and origins are evident in Dogon art.

Did the Dogon Know about Sirius B?

This gift of grain is associated modernly with extraterrestrials of a strange appearance, because the sky god Amma’s creations, the Dogon’s mythical ancestral spirits called “Nommos,” were depicted as amphibious fish-like creatures.

Secondly, a watery origin for mythical fishlike amphibian deities is logical, since these species live in the water. These “Nommos” cogon were portrayed as descending “from the sky in a vessel accompanied by fire and thunder”: This is one awesome article post.

Beyond the Blue Sirrius Oligarchy is Not Democracy. The style and design look great though! When Digitaria is closest to Sirius, that star brightens: If true, and accurate how could the Dogon have acquired such astonishing knowledge?