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afr-ita:DGA, , Dizionario generale Afrikaans, Dizionario .. arl-spa:Pozzo, , Diccionario Freelang Arabela-Español, Alain Pozzo di Borgo; Rolland Rich . gratis – Traduccion ingles de diccionario ingles. In other languages: French | Portuguese | Italiano | German | Dutch | Swedish | Polish | Romanian | Czech. ·Diccionario zoque de Copainalá: Bilingual zoque-Spanish dictionary, scanned . ·Jonsay online language dictionaries: English translated into Spanish, Italian, .

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Kevin Brubeck Unhammer; Francis M. A dictionary of Spanish slang in all Diccionaril speaking countries. Online version of a trilingual Yaghnobi-Tajik-English dictionary that I compiled while living in Tajikistan last year. It’s possible to search in the two languages.

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They cover British, American, and Australian Vreelang, and include idioms and phrasal verbs. A English Tosk Albanian dictionary, with approximating search options, principle parts of some irregular verbs, and irregular plurals of many nouns.

List compiled by Terry D.

Language resource with grammars, dictionaries, authoritative articles on various aspects of language. The United Nations Terminology Database. This is an online English Hindi Dictionary for easy reference. This is an bilingual online hypertext dictionary English – Sanskrit. All kinds of dictionaries and glossaries within English and Swedish. Updated weekly with new terms and acronyms.


Maintained by a Spanish translator. Simple string search of English words; returns the Russian word in an intuitive American English transliteration. Centre for Lexicography is a research centre affiliated to the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

German Indonesian online dictionary. Offline Japanese-English and Japanese-German kanji dictionary with 6, characters and 47, compounds jukugoanimated stroke order display, multiple search options, automatic translation of kanji and jukugo in Japanese Email, HMTL or Word-documents.

It includes thousands of sound files recorded by fluent speakers ffreelang every Tsimshian community. This site has a small, but growing, American-English Indonesian dictionary. Online dictionaries for 12 languages.

italiano translation English | Italian dictionary | Reverso

Hans Wiersch; Franz J. Dizionari bilingui e plurilingui: A beginner’s text book and dictionary are included. Peter Mathews with the latest findings of Maya epigraphers. One-click lookup in numerous MoBiDic dictionaries and internet glossaries. The site includes all the necessary information to learn Rohingya Language named as Rohingya’lish in siccionario.

Visor de obras.

For more information, see: Excellent group of Japanese English dictionaries. Translation into 5 languages. The database is preloaded with an English index, and both users and editors contribute to the dictionary. French Dictionaries from the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries: Tarahumara-English, English-Tarahumara dictionary and an introduction to Tarahumara grammar.


During the course of the project, more levels of linguistic representation will be added.

Online resource to learn Hebrew words in a fun way. This dictionary database is from the freeware multilingual program Ergane. This is a compilation of the terminology, both general and specific, that students and professionals generally encounter when reading library and information literature. A phonosemantic dictionary of English monosyllables. Multilingual dictionary to translate words between different pairs of languages.

Italian-English Dictionary containing basic vocabulary, gender, plural, past tense and future tense where applicable.

Glyphic signs and Maya sounds at your fingertips, for beginners and experts alike. The aim of centre is to carry out research into dictionary theory in a wider sense and it has built a solid, international reputation in that field. Diccionario lunfardo, por A. Collection of small LSP-centered glossaries elaborated as diploma theses at the translation department of the university of Innsbruck, Austria.

Webb; S Clifton; B. English to Rennellese and Bellonese. Breve diccionario de la literatura paraguayade T. Computer version of the Greek-Russian Lexicon by Dvoretsky: