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Density is the ratio of the mass and volume of a substance. Each substance has a specific value for NASA Explores Making Planets Right Here On Earth ions float in a vacuum at densities that are billionths of Earth’s atmosphere, and average. The chamber simulated the extremely cold temperatures in dark craters on the moon and the low atmospheric pressure and density that the rover and its.

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Thanks for having me. Proximity testing complete, Jetpack Aviation prepares to launch the world’s first jetpack race series.

As a matter of fact, just this year we released, for the first time, a complete NASA software catalog that we had talked about getting some of these ideas out to the public. NASA is turning to the magic of 3D printing to address the perhaps one of the more pressing questions facing any form of aeronautical travel, how do we make this thing as light, yet powerful, as possible? The best multitools of Ames engineers and scientists have equipped COSmIC with a custom-built, time-of-flight mass spectrometer TOFSan ultra-sensitive device that detects the mass of matter at the molecular level.

It was a lot of fun. Crowdsourcing Ideas NASA is asking the public to help it develop new ways to bring their technology to the commercial market. Several, you know, tens of billions of dollars in increased revenue from companies that use our technology.

Mixing hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity is a technique that has powered space travel since the s, but the intricate tanks and plumbing required to store the cold liquids are hard to accommodate on airplanes.

NASA Explores A New World: Crowdsourcing Ideas

With over 1, codes, all free, for secondary application. This is not – I mean, getting a like is nice but you’re talking about possibilities for kind of commercial remuneration as a consequence of – with participation in this – which was logical, right? At Ames, scientists use a specialized facility called the Cosmic Simulation Chamber COSmIC to recreate and study dust grains similar to those that form in the outer layers of dying stars. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.


But instead of a blank sheet of paper, we’re actually handing them a technology.

Inside Dubai’s Sustainable City. So there’s a way that this could be structured.

NASA Explores Making Planets Right Here On Earth

The air up there. So computers and software are an increasingly large portion of the technical work that we do. But you’re saying that there is the opportunity for the sharing of commercial benefit Notify me when new comments are posted. All of these things were popularized by the space program but invented elsewhere.

And they would say I can make an airplane, I can make a hat, I can make a boat.

And we know what we’re going to use them for but we often don’t know how else they can be used. So it’s an important milestone. We’re saying here’s a device that has the following characteristics – what else can be done with it?

More specifically, NASA is working to cut fuel use by half, lower harmful emissions by three quarters and significantly reduce aircraft noise. Infant formula – 95 percent of the baby food sold in the world has an additive that we discovered – the omegaomega-6 combination – believed to be important in the development of the brain and the eyes, fatty tissues.

As a consequence of this. Replies to my comment. Could lithium-air batteries hold the key to more efficient air travel? And so you are looking to the public to fund something that they like. Contact Us Editorial Customer Service NASA 12. Daniel Lockney is here to tell us more about this. NASA is hoping to use the technology to develop electric motors that are lighter, possibly smaller, and boast superior power densities as a result. And tell me about the flying saucer.


And these are business tools, design software – a whole line of everything we’ve ever done work in is now available for the public. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www. Can you give us a couple of examples? We’re not asking for dollars. The last of the first Jumbos retires.

So tell us what it was. Try New Atlas Plus. The royalty income is slightly different.

NASA Explores A New World: Crowdsourcing Ideas : NPR

A new kind of fuel cell? I mean, is there any chance that this technology will make it into consumer projects? What kinds of things are you looking for? Well, that’s the idea here. But you were also telling me that I was wrong about Tang. On the other end of the spectrum, you could license technology, create your company around it and go off and you would actually receive dollars from sales.

NASA explores greener future for aviation

The Convergent Aeronautics Solutions project is aimed at unearthing technologies nasaexplorws would transform air travel Credit: The Hexa manned multirotor: Skip to main content. Now in its second year, the Convergent Aeronautics Solutions project is aimed at unearthing technologies that would transform air travel.

And the typical parachutes that we’ve been using in the past won’t be able to sustain that landing. There’s still a lot of traditional RND.