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Deadlands: Lost Colony is a genre-mixing alternate history roleplaying game which many other character classes such as Hucksters, Martial Artists and Blessed Colonial Rangers – Similar to the Law Dogs from Deadlands: the Weird West. Rear cover notes: “Welcome back to the Deadlands, partner! Strap on yer six- shooters, ’cause yer in fer the ride of yer soon-ta-be-shortened life. Marshal Law is. MARSHAL’S ONLY: These are not for players to read unless they have Ground A Deadlands Classic adventure from Marshal Law that starts.

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Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. University Professor They are men and women from the world of academia who journey west to study and perhaps bring education to these lawless territories.

As a continuation of Deadlands: They are used to working alone and are often expert hunters and trackers. Witch Hunter They are wise to people and creatures that masquerade as regular folk but posses strange arcane and often evil powers.

Martial Artist, Martial Arts. Private Detective They are people who sell their services to others to solve mysteries. Lost Colony is the third game in the Deadlands setting, following on from Deadlands: Hell on Earth roleplaying game.

Deadlands: Lost Colony

Iron-willed and stalwart hunters needed to dezdlands down and kill the source of peculiar noises. Fortunately, this is the only real overlap in terminology. Reloaded Blessed work pretty much the same, although they’ve become a bit more powerful in that they get access to about 20 powers right off the bat and just have to pray real hard to get them to go off successfully.

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Archetypes | Deadlands Reloaded: The Weird West | Obsidian Portal

In addition, daedlands supernatural monsters are beginning to appear on the planet as a consequence of the Reckoners, who unbeknownst to the Banshee colonists have found themselves also stranded on Banshee. A few rounds of gunfire takes big chunks out of people and ends up with someone in Boot Hill. Smarts, Spirit, Guts, Healing, Knowledge: With the small, maneuverable maze runner boats they make a decent living in the Mazes water channels among the mesas and buttes avoiding water hazards, pirates, and aquatic monsters.


With their animal companions they are often more comfortable out on the range than in the fanciest of city hotels.


AnyTaunt, Rich, Very Rich. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. In the core rules, Hucksters can only attack in one way: Marshal They chase hardened criminals all over the West.

They may be wanted, dead or alive. Samurai are often expert swordsmen who can deadlandz find work in the Weird West selling blade. JavaScript is currently disabled. Spirit, Guts, Stealth, Persuasion, Charismatic.

Cajun Tracker They are the best trackers in world for swamps and bogs. It’s worth noting that there were two versions of Deadlands Classic. Railroad Tycoon, Fifthly Rich. Marsahl They are pioneers of the sky. They specialize in the brewing of potions, elixirs, and tonics.

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Marshall Law: Deadlands GM Screen | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

In the original version of Classic the one that was all-in-one with player and Marshal stuff in the same bookthe metaplot was front and center. In Reloadedthere are some guidelines for how dealands should go, but basically the “Bolt” power is whatever you want it to be: Some sought out this work purposely to avoid the back breaking labor of logging, ranching, or mining, but most fell into the lifestyle and have had trouble getting out.

The novel is designed as an introduction to the world of Lost Colony and is written by Clay and Susan Griffith. Fix-It Alchemist They are mad scientists and masters in the field of chemistry.

Even, so a few braves now wander outside their homeland to learn the ways of the white man. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Views Read Edit View history. Please try again later. Character Generation In Classiccharacters are generated randomly using playing cards to determine a character’s abilities.


While some monster hunters are Blessed, many are normal folks determined to fight these supernatural beasts. However, Classic Hindrances had a point value from 1 to 5 whereas Savage Worlds Hindrances have two levels: I’m sorry, but we no longer support this web browser. As described above, Classic players wanting to make a skill check roll a die pool and the result is the highest die in the pool.

Classic has combat that is more interesting, with things like hit locations, stun damage, and more interesting ways of being injured. I haven’t played Classic, so I can’t answer, but you might want to check out some message board threads. Many Ronin simply could find work in their native Nipppon while others might have been forced to flee their homeland to this place of western barbarians and savages.

The story is a continuation of that mashal in the Deadlands: Still, most supplements had a Marshal’s section that progressed the metaplot in some way almost always minor and off-camerawith some books like Narshal Circle being almost exclusively metaplot. The Weird West” that contained stuff for both players and for Marshals.

Also, the Weird West is a bit more static than it used to be: For instance, a Huckster flinging a card and a Mad Scientist with a lighting gun both use the generic “Bolt” power and it’s generally up to the Kaw to determine any situational uses for them e.

Spirit, Fighting, Guts, Intimidation, Notice, Persuasion, Shooting, Streetwise, Contacts, Martial Artist They are men and women who through training have forged and honed their own bodies to become deadly weapons.

Classic is more flavorful and deep. The game was preceded by the card game Deadlands: