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DATAFORTRESS PRESENTS: ULTIMATE HANDGUNS. Note: this article is part of Autumn Blade. ARMS. As stated earlier Autumn. THE HISTORY OF THE DATAFORTRESS CYBERPUNK GAMES The in game timeline is not really accurate to reality; the events of the campaigns were.

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The File Project is a 4images site, but I can find no information on how to effectively deal with the problem.

Thank you everyone for your messages and vibes. If anyone has any suggestions I would be happy to hear them. Hopefully soon I can get equipped again and get back to work on the site. Posted by Wisdom at Sky high rate of violence and more people living below the poverty line than anywhere else.

I am absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude. I am on disability as my sole income now, your donations are what kept the site up and running for the last 2 years. Friday, August 31, Digital Orgasm Well thanks for archiving all the Cyberpunk stuff from these inter webs so I don’t have to use Google 2200 often.

This is where I started messing around where I shouldn’t have, and end up fucking everything up. Want to add to the discussion? I might be wrong but I think he’s done all the art himself. Posted by Wisdom at 3: Datafortress is cool and a great amount of work, but I found it added in too much datavortress stuff, like pictures of alien pulse rifles and stuff from anime.


Datafortress – Tabletop Wisdom

Like he shows the Aliens Pulse Rifle as being a Militech product. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Unfortunately the time has come to pay the host again, and on a fixed income, this is an expense that I am afraid I just can’t afford without help.

For some reason it keeps doing this thing where suddenly guests are not allowed to download, when they try it gives them a “hotlinking not allowed” message.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ok, just to address the issue, I am having lots of problems with the File Project. I hope he gets to play the game too. If anyone has suggestions for a host for large, publicly shared files, feel free to get ahold of me. Alright, by now you guys have seen the trailers for Cyberpunkif you haven’t and need to be caught up, here you go But I do implore you, if DatafortressInterlock Unlimited, and the Cyberpunk Archive mean anything to you, and you can spare it, please help me keep it alive by donating with the icon on the right side of the page.

Go here to donate: Please familiarize yourself with our rules before participating.

If you have any queries, feedback, or concerns, please message the moderators. So until they release me from hospital I am afraid the PDF files for the site are unavailable. Thank you everyone, with your help Datafortress has been funded for another 2 years. All the gratitude in the world, the datafortresa people!



As for the site, what happened was, I got a message from the host datafortrees the site was using too many scripts, which I though was weird, since the site doesn’t have any scripts, then I realized that some sections of the project file still had comments turned on, and spam bots were running rampant.

This city’s always got a promise for you — might be a lie, an illusion.

I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience. Thursday, June 15, Still not sure about this, but thank you in advance everyone for whatever part you play in Keeping the site up and running. Not everything on this site is cannon, but it is free to read. So after hearing people suggest I open up for donations for years now, I am reluctantly taking that advice. And it keeps you going. Monday, May 8, Where I beg dztafortress for donations again AFter years of using this resource, I will be donating.