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The great cat massacre and other episodes in French cultural history. Includes bibliographical references and index. 1. France—Civilization—17th—18th. collection which Darnton has so successfully mined over the years. Some of them incidentally, is the chapter dealing with the great cat massacre, which as. In The Great Cat Massacre and Other Episodes in French Cultural History,. Robert Darnton again displays the estimable gifts that have earned him a place.

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It is a rather exotic journey. The second massaxre looks at the way artisans workers in a printing shop interpreted their world, their own economic prospects and the different interests of their employers, in a period prior to the industrial revolution, though with early capitalist formations altering their landscape. The issue of double-subjectivity also needs Darnton is a true historian and is well aware of the massaxre and limitations inherent in his approach, but remains at all times entertaining and smooth to read.

May 29, Leif Erik rated it really liked it Shelves: These maesacre some of the provocative questions Robert Darnton attempts to answer in this dazzling series of essays that probe the ways of thought in what we like to call “The Age of Enlightenment. Lists with This Book. Dartnon also, a brief list of bios of the prominent key people? The first, site-specific, was the opaque nature of the fifth chapter.

Semiotics is of ability in manipulation symbols to the quite a modern discipline, and to say there cultures he studies.

The workers glory on the incident constant revisions within the subject. The ta The rating is for the first essay alone. He doesn’t claim to be getting to the heart of 18th century French culture, nor completely understanding any one individual.

They of the virtuoso performance put in by are still disliked and distrusted by many some of the workers in the manipulating today. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

All are based on written texts and most are private, handwritten items.

The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History

Nevertheless, the titular essay retains much of its original luster, given the high entertainment value of the story that’s being examined a massacre of cats, most notably the favo Historiographically speaking, the Great Cat Massacre is “old massacrw These have been preserved in written form, altered to serve the different interests of the literate, and they have been transferred to other countries where they have been changed or added to — often beyond recognition — to serve the different interests of other cultures.

  1762 IR4 PDF

It was found to be hilarious by No. The story went as follows: New Literary History, Vol. Return to Book Page. View all 4 comments. Skip to main content.

Parts were interesting, but a lot of it cst boring, and the author did not do much to orient the popular reader. The society was obvi- tions by those involved. But screw those people, I dug it. The study of folklore and cultural history allows us to unlock the mental world of our ancestors, a world that may not be accessible through the usual historical sources.

There’s a lot of discussion of various philosophical ideas and modes of constructing knowledge and so on that I just didn’t get; Darnton presupposes a lot of understanding in his readership here that he doesn’t presuppose in knowledge of French society.

I really have to wonder if you really read them or just flipped through them and pretended to everyone as if you knew something about the book you were reviewing. Joseph d’Hemery was an inspector of the book trade. It describes and then challenges accepted wisdom. Read this for an undergrad history course. It is evident from the in the printing trade, which he had been text that infrastructural changes were lead- involved in throughout his working life.

Whether this is so they can start something that can have an exclusive committee so they can continue to feel superior and have cocktail parties to entertain themselves or they really care that much about the animals is a moot point.

It seems silly now, but when I first read it in ?

The Great Cat Massacre – Wikipedia

The essay on these reports gives a brilliant picture of the republic of letters at the very height of the Enlightenment, giving insight into how these men managed to survive. The appli- over their livelihoods. The stories people share, their meaning and morals, helps paint a more complete picture of the past.


He warns the reader off the idea of thinking you can completely ‘understand’ people, but suggests this as a way of better grasping how people approached their world. The Massacre in History. When I was an under-grad, my favorite history professor casually told us stories about mass cat killings in France. Literary texts are one of these textual ways that are not possible with any but the sources. The chapter on Rousseau is surely of most interest for Goodreads, because it enters into a fascinating discussion about the relationship between writers and their readers and asks what was changing in the way people approached reading.

With a title like this, you’re hard pressed to make a boring book. It is points out that they have victimized help- the portrayal of its setting and its inhabit- less creatures in order to get at the per- ants that is important. One of the great examples of the past being a foreign country where they do things differently over there. I suspect the real market is college students assigned this book for a class.

The journeymen were upset that younger, much less experienced workers were being brought in to perform their work for almost nothing while the masters would retire to their personal rooms and lounge, eat, sleep, and take care of their cats. One really important point I learned from this author is that the way to understand a foreign culture at any time is to take something that makes no sense to you, either why it was done or why the people of that culture reacted in that way.

One hero gets “a cow and some chickens”; another, an armoire full of linens.