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Composed of seven dark tales, A Tomb for Boris Davidovich presents variations on the theme of political and social self-destruction throughout Eastern Europe. Una tumba para Boris Davidovich (Siete Capítulos de una misma Historia) Danilo Kiš. Una tumba para Boris Davidovich. (Siete Capítulos de una misma Historia). Tumba Para Boris Davidovich, Una by Danilo Kis, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Bitterly mocking these cruel moments of fate. Read them all in one sitting, after bedtime, and will stay with me long after.

During the Second World Borus, he lost his father and several other family members, who died in various Nazi camps. I told them not to rip them apart, for many books are not dangerous, only one is dangerous; I told them not to tear them apart, for the reading of many books brings wisdom, and the reading of one brings ignorance armed with rage and hatred.

Oct 15, Declan rated it it was amazing Shelves: For even if it is believed that the two men succeeded,through dense and exhausting ideological polemics, in dispelling certain suspicions that had appeared in the head of Republican Verschoyle suspicions with possible far-reaching consequencesthere was a perfectly justified suspicion that the other two had also felt the fatal influence of certain counterarguments: But then again, this is the mid-twentieth century in Eastern Europe.

A Tomb for Boris Davidovich – Wikipedia

This novel deserves to be read for it’s political and historical importance and understood for the suffering that it thinly veils. I’ve noticed that for whatever reason when people happen to speak of Modern Serbian literature the usually discussed ‘classics’ are typically titles such as: Prisoner of Byelomoro-Baltisky complex of camps in Karelia. I understand each excepting, of course, Mandelsta If you think this is merely the stuff of historical nightmare, try to put in mind the current realities of Guantanamo, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, et al.


State University of New York. The seven tales anticipate each other in seamless fashion and the readers expectations come to somber resignation as he transitions from one story to another.

Only time can give it a borls in history by either calmly leaving it behind or holding it up to the future as a worthy object for us to discover. Although the stories Kis tells are based on historical events, the beauty and precision of his prose elevates these ostensibly true stories into works of literary art that transcend the politics of their time.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For me, it is this kind of thing that distinguishes great short story writers from ordinary or borls ones.

A Tomb for Boris Davidovich

Anyway, those two stories together are more profound for their parallelism. As a comment on the politically motivated slaughters of the 20th century, this davidovicn is important; as a work of art of dazzling prose and historical investigation one of those books where fiction and fact are inseparablethis book is important; as a portrait of the cool cruelty to which lives are subjected and destroyed in the name of an ideology, this book sanilo important; as a plaintive dirge to the necessity of free thought and its near-impossibility when confronted by the stark power of enforced, militarized conformitythis book is important.

The effect, far from being frustrating, is mesmerising, or so I found it to be, leaving me with the feeling that I needed to savour such details as we were given, with the result that I read many passages in the book two, and even three, times. A Tomb for Boris Davidovich is a punch in the face- seven dark short stories descending into the whirlpool of political violence, the revolutionary underworld, torture enacted by the state, lives described vigorously in miniature to set the reader up for barbarous conclusions.

Tumba Para Boris Davidovich, Una

On the contrary it seems, in these stories and in the real situations to which they refer, that a shared belief is the first reason to suspect kid other person of duplicity or treason. The young French and Belgian rebels of my twenties have all perished; my davidlvich comrades of Barcelona in were nearly all massacred; my comrades and friends of the Russian Revolution are probably all dead — any exceptions are only by a miracle.


E infatti le reazioni in patria ci furono, eccome: What brings these books together is that they’re not histrionic. So what happens when one applies a slim volume to totalitarian ideology? It is concerned with the mysterious B. May 18, Jonfaith rated it it was amazing Shelves: It will also remain a psychological secret, and legally a most interesting one,whether it is possible for a ,an cornered by fear and despair to so sharpen his arguments and experience that he is able–without external pressure, without the use of force and torture–to throw into doubt all that has been developed through the many years of upbringing, lectures, habit, and training in the consciousness of the two other men.


A Tomb for Boris Davidovich by Danilo Kiš

If humans are to rid bogis of the disease of senseless violence there are sobering little volumes like this that must slit and drain the tumors of dogmatism. Things are not as they should be in this book. Kis himself was persecuted by the Yugoslavian literary machine when this was first published in in his own country.

One odd thing in my reaction to the stories, for me, is that the title story “A Tomb for Boris Davidovich” was perhaps the story that least affected me, perhaps because it has more of a grand mythical “hero” those are ironic quotes at its center.

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