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Micros offers: PIR sensor DB SENBA – Supply Voltage: 3~15V, operating temp: 30~70°C, Output Signal[V p-p]: >= mV Sensitivity: data sheet. DB Datasheet PDF Download – DB, DB data sheet. pir db datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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The motor remains static. This pin is tested by the task every 50 msec. Our platform was constructed from wood and thus required use of sharp tools. The fan can rotate back and forth at a set angle which is approximately degrees. The platform, using dual element Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors PIR sensors, rotates itself independently to direct air flow to whatever position a person moves to. Adjustable light on duration. When the single human tracking setting is on, this task is signaled when an external interrupt on pin int0 is detected.

The circuit is heavily based on the circuit provided in the datasheet for the DB sensor: In addition, the fan includes another setting that allows precise rotation between two people. Instead of working directly with a commercial fan, we built a separate platform that can have a fan placed on top of a platform. More than thisthere are few components needed in itscan be either shunt or serial connected.

Conclusions Final design analysis The results of the project were satisfactory.

pir db datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The motor is controlled using an 8-step datasueet to halve the rated step angle. The circuit biases the sensor output and integrates it. We have posted material that we believe is important, useful, and informative to the readers. The code is available for viewing in the Commented Code section.


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Once we realized this we in fact managed to solve many problems using software. This task makes sure that the fan can only rotate at an angle of degrees to avoid an unsafe situation such as tangled wires.

Fans usually provide two options datasjeet directing airflow:. The system is very easy to use. The fan is static and needs to be physically redirected to direct air in the desired direction. The operations in the interrupt service routine depend on the value of the variable motorDirection upon its activation.

This task is the dual of Task 3. Upon detection of a human the sensing circuit responds immediately, causing the circuit output to go high. Thus, motion outside this field of view will most likely not be detected. On the other hand, if the motor was rotating counter clockwise then the motor is stopped to direct air flow at a person for half a second and then begins rotating clockwise toward the second person.

The rotation is clockwise if the left sensor has detected a person or counter clockwise if the right sensor has detected a person.

PIR DB Datasheet

datashedt Switching between modes re-initializes all major parameters to their default values and the variable motorDirection is set to stop. This is because datashret produce a high voltage spike when the current flow through them suddenly changes. This is sufficient to lag a little behind quickly moving people but the fan stops once it reaches its correct destination.

This also allows the fan to track the person again if they were not detected previously.


High Level Design Rationale and sources d203 the project idea: Our solution to this problem consists of two dual element PIR sensors directed in the same direction as the fan. If the variable motorDirection was equal to stop, no operation will occur. It requires physical effort which may be difficult if the fan is large or the user is of elderly age.

In addition it may require multiple attempts before actually getting the fan to redirect air flow in the exact desired direction. Dataaheet, there were some issues with the sensors that were difficult to handle. Legal Considerations As far as we know there are no legal restrictions on s203b project. The project hardware did not include any transmitter and as far as we know does not interfere with the operation of other electrical equipment.

We do our best to comply with the IEEE code of ethics.

Furthermore, ULN drivers are used to supply the high current needs of the motor since the microcontroller has a maximum current rating of 40mA. We decided to block the negative side with tape to increase the sensors sensitivity.

(PDF) D203B Datasheet download

dwtasheet The link to this API is available in the Appendix. The purpose of our project was to improve an existing technology for the benefit of those that use fans regularly.

When the output is greater than the threshold the output goes from low to high.