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This research investigates the impact of cyclone Sidr on six regional economic systems of Bangladesh. The study uses secondary data on. On November 15, , the SIDR cyclone hit the coast of south-west Bangladesh with winds of up to km per hour. It caused extensive damages to houses. Bangladesh is one of the developing countries in the world, which is suffering by different kinds of natural hazard like flood, cyclone, storm.

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Past Cyclones and Cyclone Surges in Bangladesh Bangladesh is extremely vulnerable to seasonal cyclones and floods.

Bangladesh Cyclone (Sidr), – Countries & Disasters – International Recovery Platform

Much of the capital city of Dhaka was also severely affected due to the winds and the flooding which affected the city’s infrastucture. The Bank is engaging the Government in a planning process that looks at coastal zone management, precisely the area that is most vulnerable in Bangladesh. To help reduce further spreading of the diseases, the Government of Norway provided the WHO with four water treatment plants to be used in areas affected by Sidr.

Researchers said mangrove forest Sunderban will take at least 40 years to recover itself from this catastrophe. Retrieved November 15, The experience was clearly dreadful and the challenge of recovery is enormous. Storm surges reaching up to a height of 3 metres 9. It is estimated that perhaps up to 10, people actually lost their lives, with thousands more injured, or missing.


View full document [pdf Together sivr climate change, this makes Bangladesh extremely vulnerable to natural disasters. See My collections to name and share your collection Back to search results to find more content to tag.

According to official accounts 3, people lost their lives.

Cyclone Sidr

Coastal districts of Bangladesh faced heavy rainfall as an early impact of the cyclone. Another cyclone inwith winds of up to kph killed 12, people.

Retrieved November 16, Press Times of India. Retrieved May 13, The deadliest of all was the cyclone of Nov 12, Location Maps – Country banglaesh for your reports and presentations. On November 9, an area of disturbed weather developed southeast of the Andaman Islandswith a weak low-level circulation near the Nicobar Islands. Fox Television Stations Inc.

Patel reiterated that the World Bank is fully committed and stands ready to contribute in whichever way possible, to the government’s long-term disaster management and mitigation efforts.

The occurrence of these events in close succession is a reminder of the country’s extreme vulnerability to frequent hydro-meteorological hazards, which stand to be further sird because of climate change. Climate change is already taking place, and the South Asian countries, particularly the poorest people, are most at risk.


Retrieved January 2, Paste this weblink into an email. In the wake of Cyclone Sidr, the Government of Siidr, together with international experts, undertook a comprehensive damage and loss, and needs assessments to ascertain the extent of the damage caused by the cyclonne, and to define a comprehensive and feasible recovery plan.

People of the cyclone affected area experienced severe health problems such as diseases like diarrheawhich spread due to shortage of drinking water. How to submit content. On 15 NovemberCyclone Sidr struck the south-west coast of Bangladesh with winds up to sirr per hour. First, is the unabated increase in the price of oil. Log in or Register. See our terms of use. This will include building climate resilience into infrastructure design, strengthening mangrove and tidal shelter belts.


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The name Sidr was contributed by Oman ; it is an Arabic name of a tree belonging to the genus Ziziphusspecifically the Ziziphus spina-christi.