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Please refer to WAAS sizing guidelines to size specific to customer requirements. * NME Hardware Assist for Enterprise Class Virtual. Blades . TCP Proxy architecture provides LAN-like TCP behavior and provides higher levels of. Cisco WAN Optimization is an architectural solution comprising a set of tools and techniques that work together in a Table 1 – Cisco WAAS Central Manager sizing options. Device .. of the chosen hardware form-factor. All connections are . Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) Acceleration Charts Disks- 5 (RAID-5) is implemented in WAAS as a hardware feature. RAID-5 devices can . Complete the sizing phase that includes the following tasks.

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When a classifier match is found, the ATP examines the policy configuration for that classifier to determine how to optimize the flow. The ATP is responsible for examining details of each incoming flow after being handled by the interception and bypass mechanisms in an attempt to identify the application or protocol associated with the flow.

It also looks at the licensing options for Cisco WAAS, positioning for each of the hardware platforms, and performance and scalability metrics for each of the platforms. This should not imply that the device characterization presented is fixed; devices should be placed in locations according to performance and scalability sizing and feature requirements. This license dictates what features are permitted to be configured on the device.

The WAE appliance models, andalong with WAVE appliance modeleach have externally accessible hard disk drives and RAID support some models support hot-swappable disk drives. The product family scales from MB of memory to 24 GB of memory, utilizing single-processor subsystems up to dual quad-core processor subsystems.

Additionally, the Enterprise license enables support for disk encryption and NetQoS integration.

See All Related Articles. Licensing Next Section Previous Section. The Cisco Wide-Area Application Engine family includes three network modules for the Integrated Services Router and six appliance models spanning two desktop models and four rack-mount appliance models. It also looks at the licensing options for Cisco WAAS, positioning for each of the hardware platforms, and performance and scalability metrics for each of the platforms.


Cisco Daas devices can be configured to encrypt the data, swap, and spool partitions on the hard disk drives using encryption keys that are stored on and retrieved from the Central Manager. This association is done by comparing the packet headers from each flow against a set of predefined, archktecture configured, or dynamic classifiers, each with its own set of one sizijg more match conditions.

Summary > Cisco WAAS Architecture, Hardware, and Sizing

Having a compact flash card enables the device to remain accessible on the network should the device suffer hard drive subsystem failure for troubleshooting and diagnostics purposes in such a scenario, optimization and virtualization services would not be operational. Each WAAS device includes two hardward Gigabit Ethernet interfaces including the network modules, one interface is internal and shares connectivity hardward a peer interface in the router through the router backplane, the other is external and can be cabled to a LAN switch, similar to an appliance.

This module is not capable of running the advanced services enabled by the Enterprise license discussed later in the chapterincluding application layer acceleration or disk encryption. The alarm book which covers syslog archittecture, SNMP traps, and Central Manager dashboard alarmserror book which covers console messagesand product documentation can be downloaded from Cisco.

About Affiliates Cisco Systems, Inc. Flows that do not have a match with an existing classifier are considered “other” traffic and are handled according to the policy defined for other traffic, which indicates that there are no classifier matches and that the default policy should be used. Performance and scalability metrics for each are examined cusco in this chapter, along with best practices around accurately sizing a Cisco WAAS deployment.

Sample Chapter is provided courtesy of Cisco Press. About Affiliates Cisco Systems, Inc.

The Cisco Linux platform is hardened to ensure that rogue services are not installed and secured such that third-party software or other changes cannot be made. Any appliance model can be used as a core data center or edge branch office device, although performance and scalability recommendations presented in this chapter must be followed.


It also looks at the licensing options for Cisco WAAS, positioning for each of the hardware platforms, and performance and scalability metrics for each of the platforms.

As flows are intercepted by the WAAS device and determined to be candidates for optimization, those flows are handed to the Application Traffic Policy ATP engine to identify what level of optimization and acceleration should be applied based on the configured policies and classifier matches.

This section examines the specifics of each of the current and legacy hardware platforms and positioning of each. The Cisco WAE model WAE is a single-processor rack-mount system that is hradware for deployment in small- and medium-sized branch office locations or small data center locations. This can be coupled with a configuration that applies a specific DSCP marking to the packets within the flow.

Chapter Description This chapter provides an introduction to the Cisco WAAS hardware family, along annd an in-depth examination of the hardware and software architecture. The compact flash card is used for boot-time operation and configuration files, whereas the hard disk storage is used for harwdare data including object cache and Data Redundancy Elimination [DRE]swap space, software image storage repository, and guest operating system storage in the case of WAVE devices.

The current Cisco WAAS hardware family consists of three router-integrated network modules, two desktop appliance models, and four rack-mounted appliance models.

Cisco WAAS Architecture, Hardware, and Sizing

See All Related Articles. This breadth of portfolio provides customers with the flexibility necessary to allocate the right platform for each network location where WAN optimization, application acceleration, and virtualization capabilities are needed.

Licenses waaas not enforced in WAAS; however, licenses can only be applied to platforms that support the particular license in question.