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Complete summary of Bret Harte’s The Luck of Roaring Camp. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Luck of Roaring Camp. Now, the Special English program, AMERICAN STORIES. (MUSIC). Our story today is called, “The Luck of Roaring Camp.” It was written by. “The Luck” is a baby boy born to Cherokee Sal, a fallen woman who dies in The Luck of Roaring Camp, short story by Bret Harte, published in in the.

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The child even changed how they Along the hill-side of some great mountains was the Roaring Camp in the year The next morning, the men of Roaring Camp buried Cherokee Sal.

When they discover gold, they believe that the child has brought them the fortune. No allusion ov made to the mother, and the father was unknown. It was a lugubrious recital of the exploits of “the Arethusa, Seventy-four,” in a muffled minor, ending with a prolonged dying fall at the burden of each verse, ” On b-oo-o-ard of the Arethusa. Someone had put bfet large hat near the baby’s box. Unfortunately, the hope is wiped out by the sudden death of Luck in a flood.

The assemblage numbered about a hundred men. But the pride, the hope, the joy, The Luck of Roaring Camp had disappeared.

The Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Tales by Bret Harte – Free Ebook

In that rare atmosphere of the Sierra foothills – that air pungent with balsamic odor, that ethereal cordial at once bracing and exhilarating – he may have found food and nourishment, or a subtle chemistry that transmuted ass’s milk to lime and phosphorus. Fantine; after the French of Victor Hugo. The men in it said they had picked up a man and a baby.


It was kept scrupulously clean and whitewashed. Keep Exploring Britannica Bob Dylan. Physically they exhibited no indication of their past lives and character. And ef there’s goin’ to be any godfathers round, I’d like to see who’s got any better rights than me.

The first improvements were made in og cabin of Tommy or “The Luck” as he was usually called. The lone woman there, a prostitute, gave birth to a baby boy then she died.

The Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Tales by Bret Harte

He brings out contrasts between the emotions, actions, and reactions that we reasonably expect from the tough characters, and is perhaps too ready to resolve them. Guy Heavystone, or “Entire”: After a month or so, they decide that the baby must be christened and given a name.

You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. As they bent over the two, the men saw the child was pale and cold.

Listen again next week for another American story told in Special English. It is possible, of gret, that rough men can show soft hearts when circumstances demand or permit, and Harte does not play down this notion. The story roafing about a native American prostitute who gives birth to a baby, then dies, and all the criminal men in the town give the baby their stolen goods and feed it with donkey milk. And water takes away what seems their last glimmer—Luck. On this a candle-box was placed, and within it, swathed in staring red flannel, lay the last arrival at Roaring Camp.

The suffering woman might have seen it from the rude bunk whereon she lay, seen it winding like a silver thread until it was lost in the stars above. Tom Ryder suggested bringing a woman into the camp to care for the baby.


The garte stopped moaning, the river ceased to rush, and the fire to crackle. But they’re mighty rough on strangers, and they worship an Ingin baby.

What was meant by this ceremony the reader may imagine who has already gathered some idea of the reckless irreverence of Roaring Camp. As he moved from California to the eastern U. With only one woman in their midst, it seems as though the miners have no future. The form of christening was perhaps even more ludicrous than the satirist had conceived; but strangely enough, nobody saw it and nobody lalghed.

The Luck of Roaring Camp short story by Harte. She was a coarse and, it is to be feared, a very sinful woman. He would say, “They’ve a street up there in ‘Roaring’ that would lay over any street in Red Dog. Stumpy, exercising authority that none ventures to question, will not hear of a joke at the baby’s expense.

Only one incident occurred to break the monotony of the curious procession. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Above the swaying and moaning of the pines, the swift rush of the river, and the crackling of the fire rose a sharp, querulous cry – a cry unlike anything heard before in the camp.

An indistinct idea that this was pastoral happiness pervaded the camp. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. I’m not sure everyone will appreciate, or even grasp this story.