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‘Bigness’ in context: some regressive tendencies in Rem. Koolhaas’ urban theory. Jorge Otero-Pailos. Rem Koolhaas’ views on urbanism have been taken up. Bigness. “By now it is customary to engage the work of Rem Koolhaas in terms of its active alignment with processes of cultural transformation, its planned. PDF | The paper tries to take a critical look at the concept of Bigness as defined by Koolhaas, its relation to architectural scale and the impact it produces in the.

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Architecture at Rice Vol. Click here to sign up. Exploring Materiality in Form. These have existed as such a typology throughout the history of architecture- from the watch towers of Chinese dynasties to the Garden Pavilions of the French to the newer and relatively urban Serpentine Pavilions of London Fig bignews — Left to Right.

Metaphorical ex- pression links a wide range of concepts to a single common reference. It is the panoply, the range—an inverse metaphor: We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Princeton Architectural Press, New Yorkp. Another fine example has been set by the 14th Venice Koolyaas Biennaledirected by Koolhaas himself, which witnessed 65 nations hoping on the pavilion-chariot. Beyond the semantic field of language, the use of metaphors deriving from other domains runs through his publications like a common thread that predominantly serves to outline abstract or concrete architectural concepts.

Rem Koolhaas has long since propagated the belief that scale is a direct influence of the expression of architectural gestures in a building. For example, the display of art could now be detached from conventional permanent settings like museum galleries, and be placed for all to see in pavilions in public space.

Rem Koolhaas – Bigness (or the Metaphor of the Urban) | Thomas Helmlinger –

A paradox of BIGNESS is that in spite of the calculation that goes into its planning-in fact, through its very rigidities-it is the one architecture that engineers the unpredictable, instead of enforcing coexistence, BIGNESS depends on regimes of freedoms, the assembly of maximum difference. California College of Arts and Crafts, Berkeley Inherent in its very concept, yet not at all a reference for the comprehension of its nature. Ubiquity Press, London It promises architecture a nigness of post-heroic status-a realignment with neutrality.


The combined effects of these inventions were structures taller and deeper-BIGGER-than ever before conceived, with a parallel potential for the reorganization of the social world-a vastly richer programmation.

Bigness to Size-Zero: Measuring Architecture, rightly

bigjess Think of a coffee shop — which is a public space, but where people are glued to their own devices, logged into various social networking sites. October Magazine, Spring No.

Design Book Review, Winter No. How China Will Inhabit its Future, in: Zones will be left out, free from architecture.

Not only is BIGNESS incapable of establishing relationships with the classical city-alt most, it coexists- but in the quantity and complexity of the facilities it offers, it is itself urban. The semantic space between two opposing notions is to antithetic phrasing as the measuring scale is to the definition of Bigness: Please try a current version of IE or Firefox.

Implicit by its nature, it contributes to rendering the explicit. Bigness is a metaphor of the urban. As of now, implicit characterizations of Bigness oscil- late within a cluster of varied semantic fields—a pool of miscellaneous concepts: BIGNESS, through its very independence of context, is the one architecture than can survive, even exploit, the new-global condition of the tabula rasa: Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.

The accumulation of implicit text equals Bigness.

Rem Kool- haas pp. In written language, enhanced visuality—explicit vividness—may be generat- ed by imagination: Imagining the Nothingness, in: Implicit in isolation, both metaphorical and antithetic phrasing may generate explicit meaning when merged within a common area of tension—that of the Whole and the Real: Bigness and the Problem of Large []. Together, all these breaks-with scale, with architectural composition, with tradition, with transparency, with ethics-imply the final, most radical break: Pavilions go beyond contextuality.


Mauro, Tullio de Ed. The accumulation of isolated statements equals implicit phrasing.

Today, they are a harbinger to the statement of unrestricted access and freedom of expression. Where images impress by the very scope of their directness, words are to be ar- ranged in minute koohaas in order to reveal deeper meaning. Bigness or the Problem of Largein: Bignese all possible categories, BIGNESS does not seem to deserve a manifesto; discredited as an intellectual problem, it is apparently on its way to extinction — like the dinosaur — through clumsiness, slowness, inflexibility, difficulty.

Within the scope of its koolhass concept, meaning is rendered explicit by an ev- er-accumulating multitude of implicit statements on the imaginary plane of the Whole an the Real: About Contact us Newsletter.

It is apparent solely within the relative, it occurs beyond the measurable; still, it is itself the scalarity of urban expansion—the ruler for the transformation of architecture as a discipline: Post a new thread.

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Bigness to Size-Zero: Measuring Architecture, rightly

Where the metaphor is the incising tool of pointillistic rendering, the antithesis provides the surface. Be the first to start a new thread. So the idea of ibgness place is either missing or, as we aim for, is infinite. Ubiquity Press, Londonp.