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You can take any image, and you can vectorize it with ArcScan. Esri’s ArcScan; Autodesk Raster-to-Vector Conversion; Trimble Ecognition. Quick-start tutorial. • Exercise 1: Raster tracing. • Exercise 2: Batch vectorization. 2. ArcScan for ArcGIS software has the tools you need to convert your scanned. 3 ArcScan for ArcGIS Tutorial IN THIS TUTORIAL Exercise: Raster tracing Exercise: Batch vectorization ArcScan for ArcGIS software has the tools you need to.

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Continue to trace the lot boundary in a counterclockwise direction. To help streamline arcgls process, you can use the cell selection tools in conjunction with the raster cleanup tools. Table of Contents About the Geocoding tutorial Click the Open button on the Standard toolbar. This work is protected under United States.

Working with the Tab Row.

A line feature now represents the exterior boundaries of the scanned parcel lots. Point the arrow toward the lower-right corner of the lot and click to start creating the segments of the polygon feature. At a minimum, use, duplication, or disclosure by the U.

Use various tools to create a geometry. You will begin by starting Srcgis and loading a map document that contains the raster dataset and two layers. To view a copy of this. In order to arcgjs these types More information. The information contained in this document is the exclusive property of Esri.


Exercise 1: Interactive vectorization

Click the Erase tool located on the Raster Painting toolbar. Now that you have successfully traced raster cells to create line features, you will create polygon features using the Vectorization Trace tool. A common example is data collected More information. This process can significantly reduce the time it takes you to incorporate raster data into your vector database.

The information contained in this document is the. Raster layers must be symbolized as two-color images to use the ArcScan tools and commands.

adcgis Click Yes to save your edits. Setting the raster snapping options Raster snapping requires settings that influence the behavior of the tracing. How to georectify an image tutorkal ArcMap 10 The University Library has a large collection of historical aerial photos for some North Carolina Counties http: You need to set some options for snapping while editing and using ArcScan.

Table of Contents About the netcdf Tutorial Once imported into a GIS, you can spatially display More information.

Batch vectorization In this exercise, you will edit a tutrial parcel map to remove cells from the raster that are not in the scope of the vectorization. Adding items from the More information.

Other companies and arcgos mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective trademark owners. Add a database server to the Catalog tree and create. You will change the raster symbology from stretched to unique values. Changing the edit target layer You must change the edit target layer from ParcelLines to ParcelPolygons to create polygon features when tracing.

Exercise 1: Interactive vectorization—Help | ArcGIS Desktop

These settings may vary depending on the type of raster data you are working with. Continue to erase the text with the Erase tool until it has been completely removed from the image Click and hold down the left mouse key and futorial the text tutorila at the top of the parcel lot. Mathematical way to model feature types that share geometry Features are the GIS representations of real world objects Set of spatial relationships Adjacency More information.


The information More information. Creating a bookmark for areas that you visit frequently will save you time.

Printed in the United States of America.

ArcScan is designed to work in conjunction with the ArcMap editing environment and is only active when an edit session has been started. Table of Contents Exercise 1: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons More information. Publishing a KML service Click the Target dropdown box on the Editor toolbar and choose ParcelPolygons.

ArcScan for ArcGIS Tutorial – PDF

Roll the mouse More information. The information contained in this document is the exclusive property of ESRI. Start display at page:. Starting ArcMap and beginning editing Before you can complete the tasks in this tutorial, you must start ArcMap and load the tutorial data.