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AR 600-8-8 PDF

AR –8– Military Awards. This administrative revision, dated 6 August — o Supersedes Army Directives , , and. AR , ACTIVE, 10/08/, TOTAL ARMY MUNITIONS REQUIREMENTS AND AR , ACTIVE, 04/04/, THE TOTAL ARMY SPONSORSHIP. AR –8–8. The Total Army Sponsorship Program. This rapid action revision, dated 4 April o Requires mandatory sponsorship of first-time Soldiers.

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Gaining commanders will change pinpoint or ultimate assignments of Soldiers assigned sponsors only in rare or exceptional cases. Battalion activity commanders will supervise and evaluate ag sponsorship program.

The Soldier or civilian employee will reply immediately to letters or other material from the sponsor. Table 2—5 Steps for appointing a sponsor for civilian employees. Steps for appointing a reactionary sponsor, page 10 Table 2—8: Prepare and mail a welcome letter.

Program Overview, page 3. Is welcome letter forwarded from battalion activity commander or command sergeant major to incoming Soldier within 10 calendar days following receipt of DA Form ? Assist 6600-8-8 Soldier with tasks essential to leaving installation per AR —8—and with additional outsponsorship requirements.

Refer departing employee to the local ACS for relocation readiness services. If assignment status changes, the Soldier or civilian employee will inform the sponsor as soon as possible.

However, no further sponsorship action will be taken until arrival. References Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A.

A system is provided to help commanders exercise their basic responsibility to assist Soldiers, civilian employees, and families successfully relocate into and out of their commands. Steps for appointing a sponsor for Soldiers, page 9 Table 2—5: This includes assistance in clearing transportation obstacles or providing information on items of interest, such as application for use of transient quarters, use of banks, use of medical and other supporting facilities.


T h e p o r t i o n s a f f e c t e d b y t h i s field operating agency of the proponent Blank Forms directly to the Commander. A related publication is a source of additional information. Meet Soldier or civilian employee and family as arranged. Departing individuals should xr encouraged to use, upon assignment alert, the Standard Installation Topic Exchange Service or welcome packet files at their local ACS. Are outbound civilian employees being referred to ACS following selection notification and acceptance of.

Provide followup information as requested by incoming Soldier or employee and family. Are welcome letter and information forwarded from sponsor to civilian employee within 10 calendar days. If the Soldier is being assigned to—. Army Information Systems 6600-8-8.

Prescribed in paras 1—8, 2—1, 2—5 through 2—11, table 2—2.

Personnel activities for civilians are primarily conducted in the civilian personnel advisory center CPAC. Exceptional Family Member Program. Therefore, recognizing a deserving sponsor is important.

Appoint a Sponsor 2—8. Commanders will ensure sponsors are adequately trained to perform tasks related to sponsorship.

AR The Total Army Sponsorship Program

Table 2—7 Steps for appointing a reactionary sponsor—Continued. Steps for appointing a sponsor for Soldiers The steps required for appointing a sponsor for Soldiers are shown in table 2—4. If new arrival does not have a sponsor, offer appointment of a sponsor. Are new arrivals receiving reactionary sponsorship, unless declined? Sponsor a Soldier or Civilian Employee. A sponsor will be appointed within 10 calendar days after battalion activity receives DA Formunless Soldier or civilian employee declines.

These packets will normally be obtained by the new arrival or the sponsor for the new arrival, rather 600-88-8 being mailed to the departing individual at the losing installation. Steps for sponsoring a Sr or civilian employee, page Department of the Army.


The Manpower Staffing Standards System measures tasks required by this regulation to determine military manpower requirements for local sponsorship programs as part of the personnel reassignments and strength management work centers.

The steps required for greeting a Soldier or civilian employee are shown in table 2—8. The sponsor assists the new arrival with inprocessing.

Sponsor support offered 60-8-8 actual arrival of the Soldier or civilian employee. ACS will provide a sponsor training support package and may provide other assistance to train sponsors upon request.

Keep chain of command informed of any changes in status of incoming Soldier or employee. Forward DA Form to—. Germany and England U. Steps for processing DA Form for Soldiers. Are welcome letter and information forwarded from sponsor to incoming Soldier within 600-8-88 calendar days following appointment of sponsor? Sponsor support offered to the Soldier or civilian employee arriving at an installation without an assigned sponsor. Army Community and Family Support Center within 30 calendar days at the end of the fiscal year para Assistant Chief of Staff for Information Management.

Appoint a reactionary sponsor.

AR 600-8-8

When assignments are changed, sponsorship will be transferred and coordinated immediately with the gaining command or activity. The Army Privacy Program. Fort Bragg, NC