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Summary. Otherwise known as Aloes wood and Malacca eagle-wood, Agar wood (Aquilaria malaccensis) is a tropical small tree that grows up to 40 m high and. Latin Aquilaria, eagle, after its common name in Malacca ― eagle wood; Latin malaccensis, of Malacca, referring to one locality in the natural distribution of this . Growth and Mineral Nutrition of Aquilaria Malaccensis (Karas) In Two Habitats As Affected By Different Cultural Practices. Article (PDF.

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Please view the copyright link for more information. Research into possibilities of artificial induction and stimulation of agar wood formation is therefore urgently required and may offer high economic returns, especially as trials indicate that management of plantations presents no great difficulties.

Edible parts are the seeds and bark. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Aquilaria malaccensis, like other species from the Aquilaria genus, is a major source of agar wood resin that is used for perfume and incense. Aquilaria malaccensis is the major source[5] of agarwood, a resinous heartwood, used for perfume and incense.

It has a pale, thin and smooth trunk, silky young shoots, and leathery, long, sword-shaped leaves that are arranged alternately.

Because of aqiilaria resin content the scented wood is relatively hard, brittle and heavy[ ]. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Ahmad Fuad Morad flickr.

Aquilaria malaccensis

The incense is also used as an insect repellent[ ]. Transplanting bare-rooted seedlings has been tried successfully in some areas[ ].


It is creamy white to pale yellowish-brown or greyish-brown, heartwood and sapwood aquilari clearly differentiated[ ].

They have been recorded as reaching a height of nearly 5 metres and a diameter of 30 cm 8 years after planting, whilst 67 year old plantation trees in Malaysia had reached an average height of 27 metres and a diameter of 38 cm[ ]. It is suitable for making boxes, light indoor construction and veneer[ ].

Aquilaria malaccensis is an evergreen Tree growing to 20 m 65ft by 8 malaccfnsis 26ft at a slow rate. This Malvales -related article is a stub. The seedlings are very prone to insect attack[ ].

Against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Shigella flexneri[ ]. It is used to flavour curries. The incense also functions as an insect repellent. Decoctions of the wood are said to have anti-microbial properties, e. This species forms an association with endotrophic mycorrhizal fungi[ ]. The fungus implicated in the formation of agar wood in this species is Cytosphaera mangiferae, while Melanotus flavolives is assumed to play a similar role in Aquilaria sinensis[ ].

It prefers moist soil. Downloaded on 21 October Due to rising demand for agarwood, as well as shortcomings in monitoring harvests and an increasing illegal trade, A. You can unsubscribe at anytime. It is used in luxury perfumery for application in e. Commonly found scattered in primary and secondary forest, mainly in plains but also on hillsides and ridges up to metres[ ]. The resin is wquilaria in the included phloem strands. In China it is applied as a sedative against abdominal complaints, asthma, colic and diarrhoea, and as an aphrodisiac and carminative[ ].

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Unless such methods are developed, Aquilaria malaccensis may soon be extinct[ ]. Its odour is long-lasting and exhibits a good tenacity in applications[ ]. Otherwise known as Aloes wood and Malacca eagle-wood, Agar wood Aquilaria malaccensis is a tropical small tree that grows up to 40 m high and spreads auqilaria to 12 m wide.

Aquilaria sinensis, from China, has lobes 8mm long. The inner bark is used in making cloth, ropes, and writing materials. It produces interesting odour notes with clove oil, e. Agar wood is used to relieve spasms and to lower fever. The resin is produced when the tree is infected by a parasitic fungus, Phaeoacremonium parasitica. The timber of healthy trees is used for making boxes, in light construction, and veneer. You will receive a range of benefits including: Implementation of Resolution Conf.

Aquilaria malaccensis (agarwood)

Some information cannot be used for commercial reasons or be modified but some can. Aquilaria malaccensis – Lam. It also is an aphrodisiac and carminative. Its aroma has some resemblance with vetiverol or styrax and has a sweetness similar to that of sandalwood oil.