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Two reviews of Anne Carson’s Antigonick, which was released in May, reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the Canadian poet’s non. Antigonick has ratings and reviews. Jim said: Anne Carson’s translation of Antigone has gotten more serious reviews than any but the most cel . Anne Carson has published translations of the ancient Greek poets Sappho, Simonides, Aiskhylos, Sophokles and Euripides. Antigonick is her seminal work.

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antigonicl Always with Carson, I find myself rereading the text, going back within the text, and rereading the entire work when “finished. If we go where she takes us, we, too, can sense those little kidnaps in the dark. Since I love Antigone, I pulled an advance copy of Antigonick, her rough re-telling and new translation, as soon as it came in.

She gives us only the words she chooses, as she chooses to present them in the book. Again Anne Carson wins, and I skulk into a corner thinking I’ll never assemble words together in any way that matters.

Antigonick by Anne Carson – review

Bianca Stone’s illustrations are immediate and visceral, and Robert Currie’s overall book design has elegance and strength. Speaker names appear in red print; the dialogue in black, often in chunky blocks with some gaps in spacing, some small like an indent and others large, a line whose ending falls down the length of the page, for example. All hail to Creon. Carson’s work only deepens with each reading.

In her introduction to If Not, WinterCarson wrote about the brackets: Antigo Nick sounds very daunting to me — it strikes me that Carson is a bit like Harrison Birtwistle in that she takes the many complicated possibilities of a myth rather than its essence, what it might mean to us today in simpler terms.


Everyone has to deal with me having said that. I may just have to buy Antigonick.


Jul 05, Em rated it it was amazing Shelves: As she said in Nox of her efforts to translate Catullus It’s a riff, perhaps, on Judith Butler’s investigation into what might have happened had Antigone, rather than Oedipus, been the point of departure for psychoanalysis. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Winner of the Criticos Prize Antigonick is a comic-book presentation of Sophokles’ Antigone in a new translation by Anne Carson, with text blocks hand-inked on the page by Carson and her collaborator Robert Znne.

When all the characters have left the stage, the only person remaining is Nick, “who continues measuring” — which is, after antigonkck, the only thing we terribly quiet customers can do.

Carson also induced me to pick George Steiner’s Antigones off my shelf where it had languished for decades and read it straight through. George Steiner notes that the images “at best The day of I go anyway. I feel like this provides a suitable framework for how the play will play out. Cried in the Ike Box while Antigone lamented. But over the years of working at it, I came to think of translating as a room, not exactly an unknown room, where one gropes for the light switch.

“As Clear as Complicated Air”—Anne Carson’s Antigonick | Prufrock’s Dilemma

It’s funny and certainly strange, antitonick I would really love to see it performed as straight as possible. I was in love with it!!!!! The gap between intention and outcome? I don’t have anything to add to the reviewers’ comments about the text.


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Antigonick by Anne Carson – review | Books | The Guardian

The whole performance was filmed by Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and be viewed by clicking on this video link. No one was without wrong, no one was right, yet you had no possibility to escape your fate. It captures, too, the rift between our everyday efforts to keep ourselves busy, and infinite tragedy: Anne Carson and Chris Tysh are working in the same general area here, except Tysh is using modern materials — Beckett in fact, along with Genet and Duras.

They way the illustrations work with the text being placed over the text at times is pretty innovative at least I hand’t seen it done befo As most people who know me realize, I ahne, at heart, a classicist.

She is one of the few writers writing in English that I would read anything she wrote. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

The speed and energy here is literally and figuratively breathtaking and the interpolation at the start works. Not what I was expecting to receive.

When Kreon enters, he is “rowing his powerboat” — a mix-up of his favorite metaphor, the ship of state; Haemon interrupts an impassioned speech with a footnote: