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Beginning in ancient Spain, where Hannibal’s father had carved out a Carthaginian empire, this novel traces the origins of the War of Carthage, the opening. Available now at – ISBN: – Paperback – Zeta ( Bolsillo) – – Book Condition: New – Never used!. Anibal: El Orgullo de Cartago by David Anthony Durham at – ISBN – ISBN – Ediciones B –

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AnĂ­bal, el orgullo de Cartago

At times you may disagree wholeheartedly with me. I’m not kidding, either; I have so little to do with the foreign editions that it’s always a surprise when I actually get my hands on one.

It’s all in the book. And the third thing is that somebody bought the first Amazon copy of Acacia! Methinks it could be a book Comenzando en Espan a, donde el padre de Ani bal Barca habi a establecido su imperio de Cartago, esta novela traza los ori genes de la batalla de Cartago, los movimientos preliminares y la decisio n crucial de Ani bal de atacar a Roma por una ruta terrestre creida imposible.

That, unfortunately, is what all the debate is about. Thank you for that. Carthage did have a Phoenician element, sure.

Download Anibal el orgullo de Cartago (Spanish Edition) PDF Free

It’s cartao to hot under the collar and shout at each other. Please enter your User Name, email ID and a password to register. I guess I’m easy, but this one is fine by me also. And that’s just fine.


My heart goes out to those dealing with the destruction and loss of life. Perhaps, also, some of the terminology I use troubles you.

I think that because we’d see a brown-skinned man with curly hair, burnished by the Mediterranean sun. Thing is, it happened a few weeks ago, and the list is dated for the 10 of August. I was always specific about the region being North Africa. Informative but certainly comical as well.

Whatever foibles the ancient Romans may have had, race based bigotry was not one of them. Booklist Review – Starred! I do believe that people who want to deny Hannibal blackness are being unfairly selective in their use of this racial terminology. Pride of Carthage is very much a novel about greed, pride, about defending your nation, about the toll cartayo war and the damage it does to both sides.

The possibilities are endless.

Download Anibal el orgullo de Cartago (Spanish Edition) PDF Free – video dailymotion

Hannibal did not declare war on or preemptively attack Rome. It’s an amazing conflict that could merit an amazing film. Every now and then I remember that Pride of Carthage lives out in the world in various translations.

The Carthage they present is a barbaric, child-sacrificing, bloodthirsty-god worshiping culture, one that had to be extinguished for the betterment of the world. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.


Well, I like to post the good newsy type stuff. I don’t think that Caucasian is what he means at all. This simply was NOT a dynamic in the book. I’d just had a conversation with a white librarian here in Colorado Springs.

Although, judging by the low star count, it wasn’t a very nice one.

Anibal, el orgullo de Cartago (Spanish Edition) – David Anthony Durham

While he came orrgullo everyone and all races are equally precious in God’s site it just so happens that the Jews were Caucasoid. The name Hannibal evokes ancient Rome, elephants crossing the Alps, and, ultimately, tragedy. Great camping, lovely weather, ocean and river swimming, hiking, the pleasure of my family’s company For the week ending July 14 it came in at number Five. Remember also that when Publius Scipio triumphed over Hannibal he was given an honorific name that essentially meant “Conqueror of Africa”.

Have things gone well? Well, Anibal is still on that AP bestseller list a week later.