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Beginning his essay, André Bazin dives right into the practice of embalming, how ancient Egyptians used to mummify bodies and keep them. Influential Theorists: Andre Bazin – The Ontology Of The Photographic Image. andrebazincat. Andre Bazin is undoubtedly a famous figure in. “The Ontology of the Photographic Image” examines how the plastic arts preserve humans and reality through representation. Photography.

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The object becomes photograph and photograph becomes the object. From statues, palaces, portraits to tombs ontolgy men have commissioned and produced art to represent themselves and the world they live in.

He states that there is a basic psychological need in man to outwit time and preserving a bodily appearance is fulfilling this desire.

Jamie L. Brummitt, PhD

You are commenting using your WordPress. Maybe photography renewed this sense of magic experienced in ancient Egypt.

However I would agree with your statement: Thus, as a final blow, Bazin makes the assertion that photography is the most important event in the history of the plastic arts and then leads us into his article on the development of the language of cinema and how we analyze it.

Photography andrf us because its mechanical nature seems objective and reproduces the model. However, it is my opinion that though, Bazin generalized mummy complex to humankind, he himself was somehow fascinated with the concept of human immortalization after death and the various ways people tried to achieve it via painting, sculpture etc.


He compares this practice to the birth of the plastic arts. This objectivity and reality are a product of impassive mechanical reproduction. However I believe that this point is too harsh.

This site uses cookies. Bazin continues to explain that the desire to see reality, though it is merely an illusion created via painting, is a mental need and realism in art is caught between the aesthetic and a deception aimed at fooling the eye. According to Bazin, today no one recognizes the ontological link between the body and a representation: Only the impassive lens, stripping its object of all those ways of seeing it, those piled-up preconceptions, that spiritual dust and grime with which my eyes have covered it, is bazim to present it in all its virginal purity to my attention and consequently to my love.

It should be noted however that Bazin invests far too much faith in the technical process of developing film as tbe objective and not subjective process. They lose their aura originality, subjectivity, production history and trick the masses into believing that a constructed reality is reality.

Help Center Find new research papers in: For many people, the plastic arts do retain their magical role. This is what Walter Benjamin argued about photography and film.

André Bazin, “The Ontology of the Photographic Image” () – Jamie L. Brummitt, PhD

Andre Bazin is undoubtedly a famous figure in film criticism and film theory. Painting and sculpture could aesthetically and emotionally capture the object tne failed, in comparison with photography, to capture the physical characteristics of an object.


Reblogged this on panyingfei. The artist and his genius are not present in photography like in painting. In my answer to Question 2, I had mentioned that Bazin was a contemporary to Diane Arbus and though he was born 5 years before Diane, he died of leukemia at an young age of 40 years and seven months. You are commenting using your Twitter ;hotographic. I disagree if he meant it in literal sense.

Another point of difficulty Bazin encounters is that of a causal link. Email required Address bazih made public. Santosh Kumar Korthiwada Instructor: In this sense, a photograph is no more real than a painting or sculpture.

Painting could not escape the subjectivity of the artists because true likeness could not be achieved through the human hand. Click here to sign up. With the birth of photography came the birth of photo modification and editing and films such as The Cabinet of Dr.