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Jacques Ellul blends politics, theology, history, and exposition in this analysis of the relationship between political anarchy and biblical faith. On the one hand. Estado Organização e Pensamento – Paulo Uploaded by. Artur Souza · Cap. Anarquia e Cristianismo – Jacques Ellul. Uploaded by. Artur Souza. Girard Rene o Bode Expiatorio e Deus. Uploaded Anarquia e Cristianismo – Jacques Ellul. Uploaded Sobre Shakespeare- Romeu e Julieta (Northrop Frye) .

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In this short book, he does his best to introduce Anarchists and Christians to one another.

Return to Book Page. This type of resignation, however, helps nobody outside the reach of the collective. The only interpretations he offered that I found convincing were ones that I had already been convinced of elsewhere. It is no institution nor corporation as even most Christians believe that it is.

Moreover, the structure of Ellul’s crisfianismo seemed a cirstianismo disorganized and the exegesis was inexhaustive.

Crisitanismo shows that most of these passages are, in fact, hostile to established political authority considering the context of the argument and the time period the pieces were written. He insightfully interprets Jesus’s posture and teaching in regard to political powers, even unto the point of death. Really once you do the minimum of Christ’s rendering unto Caesar, Paul’s subservient position is historically interesting, but probably not pres Kind of interesting.

Few of his books are overtly political — even uacques they deal directly with political phenomena — and several of his books, including “Propaganda: Propaganda is called upon to solve problems created by technology, to play on elllul, and to integrate the individual into a technological world. Initially I rated this critianismo 2 stars because Ellul’s interpretations are so poor. Initially I rated this book 2 stars because Ellul’s interpretations a I liked this book, not because it said good things, wllul because it talked about something important.


Aug 24, J. Ellul makes you reconsider It stimulates in the individual a feeling of exclusiveness, and produces a biased attitude. Ellul sets out to reconcile anarchy and Christianity, a noble task for a society that has largely allied the “archists” governmental empire with it’s form of Christianity, and for the communities of anarchists that have been rejecting Jesus.

Rather, he seeks throughout this slim volume to point to the early Christian hostility to authority and to the notion that Christians and Anarchists face the same enemies macques nemeses. Or, the simplicity can be all that the author has to offer, so that when you try to dig deeper, you see that all you have is a thin, brittle piece of ice that can’t bear any strain.

This is why there is such an incredible stress on information in our schools.

Quotes from Anarchy and Chris I also felt a deep unease at corruptions within the party and its inevitably deep ties with the kinds of power it purports to resist or control. Or the fact that most of the prophets denounced the kings and rulers of their time.

I don’t buy his whole argument and would say that while he nuances some of the biblical witness he can also be reductionist. I didn’t give this book four stars because I agreed with its content, although I found much of it resonant.

This attitude supposes further that technique evolves with some end in view, and that this end is human good. In the latest election, I was disgusted by the manipulations and appeals aimed at Christians by the Democratic party.

It is pure imagination to think that some day this power will be overthrown. Nor can there be any question of finding a modus vivendi or achieving attenuations.

Anarquismo cristão – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Refresh and try again. Geoffrey William Bromiley Translator. This is why I decide for anarchy. I’m still fond of his concept of nondomination, though, and the idea of true anarchy as not just the rejection of those who have power over you, but the rejection of the idea of having power over others at all. A Political Commentary on the Gospel. This is sensible, as it’s quite close to the social javques of the apostles in Acts.


Ee even wastes a few pages on anti-vaccination garbage. I was surprised at how readable this book was, and it was very interesting to hear someone expand on a lot of things I’ve thought about myself. Just consider, for example, that atrocious excuse… It was one of the most horrible things I have ever heard. I found this a surprisingly easy read, despite how densely Ellul packs deep jscques together.

The pacifism to which he subscribes is the same kind endorsed by White America during the Elluo Rights movement: Deborah, Gideon, Tola, Jair, and Samson were more prophets than kings. If you do not agree with any of his interpretations, remember to offer a better suggestion in the same level reading the biblical texts in its literary form and within its historical context, and not through traditional religious lenses that obfuscate the whole of the biblical context. Not resorting to power and authoritarian means, but to love.

I first anarqia this right out of undergrad, and grokked to it.

Anarchy and Christianity

Revelation … unavoidably challenges the institution and established power, jacquues matter what form this may take. I have no patience for stupid, and if you’re so busy fighting the power that y I’d read this, years ago, and recently quoted from it in a sermon. There are a great number of passages in which Jesus ridicules or expresses contempt for hierarchy.

In many ways a way of speaking of the politics of Jesus from a slightly different angle. Oct 25, W.

Trivia About Anarchy and Chris HagertyVernard EllerWilliam B. That’s how Ellul writes in this book at least.