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Macintosh HD – Applications – Audio Ease – Altiverb 7 – Impulse Responses Please refer to the Waves IR-1 user manual for instruction on saving these files. Reference Manual. Page 2. Reference Manual . EDV3RB’s Impulse Response Library is made for Audioease Altiverb 7 and Avid Space. But with the original. Altiverb 6. Lagenoord 26 GW Utrecht The Netherlands Phone: ++ Fax: ++ [email protected]

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Checking for new versions online does not crash anymore on connection faillures.

Altiverb 6 Manual

You can tweak EQ or damping parameters, but you can also try Altiverb’s ‘Similar’ button. Some features of Altiverb will not work with the new IRs until they have been analyzed. Slightly out of tune notes will be covered up in the reverb tail by modulation.

Sub woofer LFE channel output in 5. Click on either of them to listen.

Audio Ease support page

Upgrade to 7 Do you have an older Altiverb version? Remove coloration by setting this parameter to flat. Larger IR sets mannual completely now in version 7.

Download Request a link to the downloads page with the latest Altiverb 7 update and full installers. Some host applications may not support automated Automation preset recalls.

The bright blue numbered slot is currently chosen. Intended for post production special effects usage. Use a portable radio, a starter pistol shot.

About the knobs All parameters controlled by turning knobs can be increased by clicking on them and dragging upward, or to the right. Delete – Deletes the currently selected preset from disk and from this menu. If after that you change a parameter, or you recall a Automation preset, the text in this popup will tun to italics. Halve the original distance from the microphones to the speakers by dragging the speakers all the way to the front.


User and Third Party IRs wave files now load with correct gain. Everything, including the impulse response choice is automatable in Altiverb 7. For all musical purposes the recommended setting is all the way down no center bleedas quadraphonic reverb L R Ls Rs has so far produced superior results to 5 or 5. If your production does not require reverb tails to decay down to dB, you can instead use tail cut to cut-off reverb when it has died down for instance to dB.

Altiverb 7 even has built in correction curves for the most popular clapper boards. Shift click to zoom in, and control click to zoom out. Next time you need manuxl match production acoustics and all you have is a slate clap, think of Altiverb. The goal is to obtain information like the location alttiverb the direct sound and the decay rate of the reverb tail.

Automation preset is available as a parameter in the automizable parameters list of your sequencer, so you can graphically edit the recalls. Select a room IR. Look up your host application in the Host specific descriptions folder in the Altiverb 6 folder on your hard drive. Do you have an older Altiverb version? Stereo input impulse responses did load correctly into stereo input Altiverbs.

The Altiverb Library of Acoustics contains the most sought after spaces for music. Effects are displayed in the level meters. Turn this feature off if it conflicts with key commands in your host application. The Tail The tail is next.


Audio Ease – Altiverb – Revolutionary convolution reverb plug-in for music and sound pros

Browse through all Altiverb IRs. Mid Frequencies Damping Gain Turn counter-clockwise to absorb, which shortens the reverb tail between the two crossover frequencies. The functions are described on the next page. Playback of this spike in a church would create a reverb tail, a response very similar to that of a hand clap. Re-scan presets folder – If you have added someone elses preset by copying or moving files in the Finder or Windows, you should rescan the presets folder to force them to show up here.

The exact amount of delay is displayed in the Info Screen page More videos Our youtube account is a great resource for learning more about Altiverb. Efficient high latency mode Manuall a minimum of processing power but can produce a delay of up to algiverb second between input and output.

Presets – The Automation preset slots A preset stored in an Automation preset Slot is saved in the song or session, while regular presets are saved as separate files in the Altiverb presets manuall.

With a 96 kHz impulse response being used in a 96 kHz project, none of the sample rate conversions described above would need to be performed. Mono input Altiverbs loaded everything fine.